Buy an apartment in Mallorca


Buying an apartment in Mallorca – the ultimate guide to your dream property

​Sun, beach and sea and the best around the year – who doesn't dream of a real estate in Mallorca? More and more people are choosing to put this desire into practice and look around for a small flat or even larger property on the sunny island.

However, since this is an important decision for most people and, above all, large investments, there are some things to consider when buying a property in Mallorca. For example, what about the correct selection of objects and what taxes or acquisition costs are to be reckoned with and what do you have to pay attention to when designing the contract?

All this and much more can be found in this guide about "buying a condo in Mallorca".

​Even if you have already acquired a property in your home country, it is quite another thing to be located in a foreign country. In addition to the different tax situation, the mostly missing language and local knowledge can make it difficult to find the right property if you want to buy a property in Mallorca.


​Buying a property in Mallorca – Find the perfect living object

​Beautiful sandy beaches, an incredibly blue sea and the wonderful holiday feeling twelve months a year – whether you want to enjoy the exciting party life or plan your life in a pleasant way to slow down: Mallorca has many sites that invite to linger .

Therefore, if you have decided to settle on the island, the first question is, of course, which claims of your desired property should be fulfilled, so that the investment is really worthwhile. There are a number of points to consider, such as the useful life, the social environment, the location of the apartment and your individual requirements for your new home.

To make it easier for you to decide which type of property is right for you in Mallorca, here is a brief overview of the most important types of houses on the Balearic island:


​Special property types in Mallorca

​If you are looking for a real estate in Mallorca for the first time on the Internet or in a newspaper, you will quickly find some names that you may not be able to imagine.

For example, a finca is a type of property that is not actually found in Germany or in other western European countries. It is a detached farmhouse, which in most cases has a garden and even a private pool. A bungalow, on the other hand, is characterized by a flat roof, while a Ático is a penthouse.

Depending on the type of property you are imagining and the needs it has to meet, or how your preferred way of use will look, each individual property variant offers its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you have always dreamed of staying on the beach and jumping into the sea in the morning without much effort, a finca will not be considered for you, as these are never built directly on the beach.

If you have to spend several weeks of the year on the island, but do not permanently move into your new property, it is usually advisable to opt for an apartment in Mallorca or an apartment, as you simply complete this real estate form And you don't have to worry about whether anything happens to your property. With a single house the whole thing looks different and you have to put more time and also attention in the preservation of the property.

First of all, you must determine exactly what your wishes and requirements are for your new home and it will be easier for you to find your dream property.


How to embed yourself lies – the right real estate location

​An important point that you should not disregard in your search for your new home in Mallorca is the location of the property. Perhaps you have already fallen in love with a certain place on the island, where you have always spent your holidays or have been able to spend some beautiful times.

However, if you wish to settle there permanently, it is important to ensure that the infrastructure also withstands the daily requirements of life. For example, what about a supermarket near your favorite real estate location? Can you easily walk up to it and do you have everything you need to be able to enjoy a relaxed everyday life?

Is there a pharmacy or a doctor nearby or do you have to drive for an hour? What is the traffic connection and how far is the airport? All this and much more you should ask yourself before choosing a property in Mallorca.

If there are still school-age children, of course, the proximity to a good school is an important criterion. If you consider all these points in the location of your desired property, the probability is very great that you feel comfortable in your new home and you will not regret the step to the purchase due to the location

If it gets serious-buy a condo in Mallorca

​If you have decided on your own or together with the whole family, which type of real estate in Mallorca is right for you and where your new home should be, the next step is the successful search for the perfect property. Whether you want to buy a holiday apartment in Mallorca or you are looking for a finca, the search for the right property is not always so easy on the sunny island.

This is mainly due to the fact that more and more people are interested in a property in Mallorca and thus the market is extremely fast moving. For this reason, it is important to take a targeted approach to find the right home for yourself and your loved ones. You will learn how best to proceed with the research.


​Property Search

​It happens again and again that people have a wonderful time in Mallorca and spontaneously decide to buy a property. A sales contract is signed quickly and the real consequences of this decision are based on the

​Positive energy and the beautiful time on the island simply ignored. Then it can happen that there is soon a rude awakening, and you realize, for example, that the property is much less valuable than you initially believed, and this can eventually be sold only with loss.

You should avoid this error unveil. Prefer to go strategically in search of a property and let yourself be calm enough time. In this way, the dream will ultimately not develop into a nightmare. For one thing is certain: buying a condo in Mallorca is in most cases not a very cheap pleasure and should therefore be well thought out.

So start your search for your perfect holiday apartment in Mallorca first by looking at the Internet to find out which real estate agents or real estate companies are working seriously and with high customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it is now time to consider how your dream apartment should look like and which points it must meet absolutely. The following points should not be ignored in your first research on the way to your possible home in Mallorca:

​1. Get an overview of the current housing offer and the specific characteristics of each region. Where would you like to stay and which cities or places do you not qualify for?
2. What is the budget that is available to you and what size of apartment or real estate can you expect for your existing capital?
3. What are the weather conditions in the region you prefer and can also convince the infrastructure? Naturally, your individual requirements play the most important role. Do you want to stay calm or rural and would you like to take a longer journey time to the sea or is it important for you to be in the middle of the tumult and to go for dinner or party?

Once you have thought about all these points and found out what you really want, it is time to focus on finding the right property in Mallorca. Of course, this is only an approximate idea, which is most likely changed slightly after the first visits to the island. This is mainly because you will probably only become acquainted with the idea of what it really is to live in Mallorca.

The real estate search in Mallorca – it is important to be aware of this

​Once you are aware of what kind of property you would like to buy in Mallorca, whether it is a apartment or a classic apartment, and where it is best, the next step is usually not far. It will be time to look for the perfect home on the island and make sure you are on the island.

​Of course, you can also hire a real estate company from Germany to find something for you, but it is much more advisable to take a picture of the different regions and perhaps even spend some time there to really Find out where you feel at home. In this way it is also possible to find out for yourself how the infrastructure really is and to get a real impression of the area.

Even if you have already made a holiday in a certain area, it can show up at once from a completely different side, if you decide to stay there from now on permanently or spend a few months of the year there.

If you do not have the time to really stay in Mallorca for a while and get a good picture of the different regions, it is still better to do intensive research on the spot at least for one week.

​ So you can also be well informed and minimize the likelihood that you will regret buying a home a short time later. Above all, it is important not to lose sight of the purpose of your visit to the Sun Island and to explore the immobiles, but rather to stay on the beach all day.

At this stage of your research, you should not be afraid to contact some real estate agents and inform yourself about the different offers in your price category. Real estate agents in Mallorca understand their craft and are usually very interested in contacting potential prospective customers and making sure to find suitable purchase objects.

​Take a walk through one or the other brokerage office and get an overview of the respective offer. In this way, you will also find out very quickly whether your individual ideas and demands on a property can be reconciled with your investment capital, or you may have to take a little more money in your hand or for a somewhat Need to decide on a smaller home.

Further ways to get a good overview of the real estate offer in Mallorca are the following:

​• The internet where would we be today without the Internet? There is hardly a way to go about finding a home or apartment in Mallorca and to find out where the perfect real estate might be waiting. One of the most interesting things is the information you can find about the different regions of Mallorca. Whether you want to know how high the probability of rain is, whether there are special features in one region or another and what the infrastructure looks like:

​On the Internet you will find an answer to almost every question. It is also the perfect place to get in touch with other homeowners in Mallorca who have also taken the step to buy a property from Germany. In this way you can find out which mistakes others have made and also get the one or the other tip to avoid them or to go even more effectively in the search for the right property.

On the websites of the real estate companies it is also possible to make a first overview of the purchase offer and also to filter out, in which areas are just a lot of properties for sale and where there is rather a housing shortage, which the purchase price usually in The height increases.

• The classic daily newspapers

​Living in Mallorca is a major topic in the current daily press, both nationally and regionally. If you have decided to buy a property in Mallorca, you should simply look for new informative newspaper articles every day. In these you will find a lot of helpful tips and also hints, where the real estate market is currently particularly inexpensive or also overpriced.

In Mallorca you will also find numerous free information brochures on the subject of living in Mallorca and real estate companies regularly publish their own magazines on this topic. These are in most cases also due to the high demand in both Spanish and German, whereby you do not have to accept a linguistic barrier in order to inform yourself about the real estate market and the offered apartments.

So be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and collect any information you can get before buying a property in Mallorca. Maybe this way you'll come across your dream home object and the search will be finished faster than you ever thought possible.

• Real Estate Fairs

​If you are thinking of investing in a condo in Mallorca, you will soon find out how many real estate fairs take place around the year in Germany as well as in Mallorca on this topic. Here you have the opportunity to find out about the topic of buying a property in Mallorca and to obtain opinions from different providers.

Find out on the internet where the next trade fair will take place and you will be able to get a good first overview of the offer or the different forms of real estate search.

However, be careful: many real estate agents that will appeal to you at these fairs are immediately trying to persuade you to visit. These are free, but usually highly subsidized and have only the purpose of making them as quick as possible to sign a sales contract.

Your personal interests and wishes in the search for the perfect property for your individual requirements play a subordinate role. For this reason, in most cases this path is not the right way to find the perfect new home.

The check list for real estate purchase

If you have considered exactly what kind of apartment you would like to buy in Mallorca, where it should be located and you have also got an overview of the current real estate market on the island, then it is time to create a checklist. That way, you can give your real estate agent or real estate agent exactly what you want, what ideas you have of your future property, and what your financial options look like.

It is important to remember that your price framework really fits your wishes, because this is the only way to make a successful search for a new home in Mallorca realistic.

The written writing of such a checklist brings with it several advantages, because on the one you can get to know exactly where your priorities lie and what wishes are perhaps at once not quite so important, on the other, the Communication with the experts is a multiple simplification.

But what exactly does such a checklist look like? We have summarized the most important points for you to consider when creating the checklist and which should not be disregarded during the briefing of a broker.

• What capital is available to you to buy a flat or apartment in Mallorca?
• What type of property do you imagine?
• Should this be a classic rustic, traditional Spanish or rather modern design?
• Do you prefer a property that you can change according to your wishes, or should this be ready for collection?
• How much square meters should the property have and how many rooms do you need?
• Do you want to choose the facility yourself or do you prefer a completely furnished home?
• Do you want your own garden and maybe even a pool?
• Do you need a parking space for your car and should this be covered?
• Would you prefer to stay in a very quiet area or do you prefer busy streets where there is always something going on?
• How long can the road to the beach be?
• Would you like to use the property as a new main residence or do you want to inhabit it for a certain period of time several times a year?
• Do you have to subrent the property?

If you have thought about all these points and fixed them in writing, it will be easier for your broker or your broker to find the perfect property for you. In this way, you can save a lot of time before you finally find your new home, your nerves and those of your family or loved ones will be spared.

​You recognize a good real estate agent in Mallorca

​If you start looking for a suitable residential property in Mallorca, you will soon find that working with only one real estate company will not be enough in most cases. This is mainly due to the fact that most foreigners who wish to settle in Mallorca do not have the necessary contacts to be able to rely on a recommendation directly on the spot.

Of course, over the last few years the Internet has become much easier to turn directly to private sellers and to inform themselves about offers with the help of real estate platforms without having to turn on a broker, yet the road remains The real estate company in most cases is not out.

Especially for people who have never bought their own property or who want to deal with this topic extensively, the way to owning a real estate is very often the right one. These are in most cases a very important aid and are very competent and professional in the search for the suitable home for each customer.

Nevertheless, you should not trust blindly, because the most important motivation of a real estate agent is and remains the successful sale and thus the receipt of a juicy commission. If a purchase contract is concluded in Mallorca, the broker receives a commission of about 5% directly from the seller of the property.
In addition, the latter receives a commission which is not laid down by law in Mallorca or Spain. Depending on the desirability of a property or the difficulty of arranging it, it may be possible to establish a higher or lower brokerage commission.

Again and again one hears from incompetent brokers who do everything they can to pull their customers over the table. In truth, the probability of hitting a windy marker on the Balearic island is very low, but you should be mindful.

​How do you recognize a reputable broker?

​If you also think about whether the broker you choose is acting according to your interests and thus increases the likelihood that you can find your perfect home on the island, you should pay attention to the following points:

• The broker should have a serious appearance and convince you with sufficient knowledge about the local mobile market.

​• Professional experience as well as knowledge about buying and real estate law in Mallorca should not be a commodity.

• Any inquiries about a property should be able to answer quickly and professionally without hesitation.

• Your individual wishes and demands on a property have to be in the foreground right from the start and you should not feel that the broker really wants to convince you of a special object, although it does not really suit you.

• The broker must never lose sight of your budget and only show you apartments that really fall into your price category.

• Your partner in finding an apartment is trying to give you all the important facts about the potential new home and you do not feel that he is a little hidden from you.

• After you have visited your potential new home, you will receive a brief exposé from a well-prepared and professionally working broker with the most important facts about the property. So you can read through everything in peace and think about whether it is for you or not.

• During the time of reflection, a good real estate agent will never put you under pressure and still be at your side with advice and action. Of course, the real estate market in Mallorca is highly competitive, but you should take sufficient time for this important decision and the real estate agent should be interested that you are really completely convinced of your new home.

In addition, do not be afraid to investigate on the Internet what experiences other buyers on the island have already made with the one or other broker or with a real estate agency. In this way you will surely find many trustworthy names that can help you in finding your dream apartment in Mallorca.

The assessment of the target objects

​If after some time you have envisaged a few real estates that can be considered as a new home in Mallorca for you, the first viewing dates are usually already a short time later.

With these you should try to get as much information as possible about the living object. Of course, emotions also play a role in the choice of a new home, but it is important to keep a cool head. You need all the important facts about your potential new residential property to find out if the investment is really worthwhile.

If you feel good after your first visit to a property and you can imagine acquiring it, then speak from now on to a so-called target object. Now to sign the purchase contract immediately would be imprudent and associated with a high risk. Even if you have looked so thoroughly, the second visit to the House will definitely make you notice things that you simply missed the first time. For this reason it is advisable to visit the property again on a different day and at a different time. So you can make a better picture of the lighting conditions.

Of course, it can happen that you fall in love with an object very quickly and you may even be sure you have found just the right thing. If that is the case, then it will now be time for a so-called risk check. This is when you are serious about buying a particular apartment or other property in Mallorca and starting to negotiate with the seller. In such a review are both a lawyer, an appraiser as well as the brand HRes Trust on the spot. The following points should be addressed and examined in the event of a risk assessment:

​• The state of the property

A professionally working building surveyor will walk you through the entire residential object step by step and examine the supporting walls for cracks and other signs of damaged components. In addition, the structure is controlled. In this way you can quickly get a picture of how much money you have to put into any renovation work and whether these extra costs are really worthwhile. Damaged walls can usually be corrected very easily, while for example a damaged roof is usually associated with larger repair measures.

• Mildew and moisture

Living by the sea brings many advantages, but the moisture in the houses that leads to mold does not belong to it. Therefore, the apartment to be bought should be examined for existing mould stains and/or moist areas in the foundation. Can they be rectified or the leaks corrected by better insulation or is the extent so great that this will not help?

• Termite Infestation

​Another important point to be addressed in the case of a risk assessment of a property is the presence of wood worms or other termites. These are usually not recognizable at first sight, but they wreak havoc, which means that housing security is severely affected. If a termite infestation is identifiable, it is important to include a pest fighter in the assessment. The expert will be able to tell you exactly how far the damage has progressed and how much it will cost to remove the annoying critters. In addition, you will be informed by the appraiser how much the cost of the repairs will be.

Buying an apartment in Mallorca-these additional costs will come to you

​If you want to buy an apartment in Mallorca, it is important to know that you do not only have to pay the real estate price alone. When you buy a residential property, you also get some additional work costs, which in most cases amount to about 10 to 13% of the actual purchase price. These are accrued taxes such as the brokerage fee, legal fees and notary fees.

Since the legal system in Spain is a lot more complicated than in Germany, you should definitely contact a multilingual and competent lawyer when it comes to buying an apartment in Mallorca. An internationally active tax advisor can also provide you with valuable services when it comes to Balearic island digging through the bureaucracy jungle.

These taxes come to you when you buy a residential property in Mallorca

​Since the tax system in Mallorca can be quite complicated when buying a residential property, we would like to give you a small overview of the costs you will have to pay.

If you wish to purchase a new building that has not been owned by a private person before, you must pay the VAT, the so-called Impuesto sobre el valor añadido (AJD). This is currently 10% of the purchase price of a residential property in Mallorca.
If, on the other hand, you have opted for an apartment that is already sold by a private individual, then the property purchase tax (Impuesto sobre transmisiones Patrimoniales – ITP) is due. This is paid by the buyer and is about 7%. For the Balearic Islands, however, there is a staggered system by which the tax level can be determined.

In addition, a so-called notarisation tax (stamp tax) has to be paid and it is the tax for the certification of the legal transactions. This is on average one percent of the respective purchase price.

There is also a municipal value added tax (Plusvalía), which must actually be paid by the seller of the property. However, if this is not the case and the seller refuses to return the tax, then you are liable as buyer. Therefore, make sure that the value added tax is paid by the seller within 30 days of the sales closing. To make sure that this is also the case, it may be advisable to withhold the sum of the tax amount from the agreed selling price.

Additional costs when buying a property in Mallorca

​• Notary Costs

Usually the notary costs in Spain are paid by the buyer himself and according to the purchase price the notary fees are on average one percent.

• The Land Register entries

The costs incurred for the land register entry of your newly acquired property are also borne by the buyer himself and therefore by you. On average, this fee is also about one percent of the purchase price.

• Attorneys ' fees

If you want to purchase a property in Mallorca, you must have a good lawyer for the purchase process. This will not only advise you when negotiating the purchase price, but also support you with all administrative and legal issues and set up the necessary contracts. The Abogado, as the lawyer is called in Spanish, will of course also receive a fee for their service, with many lawyers setting a lump sum of one percent of the purchase price. But attention, highly sought-after lawyers now even demand 1.5%.

• The brokerage fee

In Spain it is common for the seller to pay the brokerage fee as well as its commission, and thus no further financial burden for the buyer of the property. However, you should already discuss this issue with the potential seller of the property in advance. You must also bear the costs yourself if you have hired a real estate search agency to find the right residential property for you.


Without good markers, Mallorca is usually not. As mentioned above, this is mainly due to the lack of local or language skills and the lack of contacts that could help you find one or the other bargains.

However, you should know that a real estate agent on the sunny Island receives an average of between 5 and 6% of the purchase price and thus drives the selling price of an object to a high level. Therefore, be sure to ask carefully before you decide whether the brokerage fee has already been included area in the purchase price or if you have to add it.

In this way, they prevent you from experiencing unpleasant surprises and finally not being able to move into your dream apartment.

The contracts for the purchase of a residential property in Mallorca at a glance

​If you have chosen a property that you would like to purchase definitively, a number of other contracts will be applied in addition to the classic sales contract, the so-called Escritura. It is important that there is a clear identification of the various negotiating parties on all forms of contract and that the object to be sold is also precisely described. In addition, you should already find the fixed selling price on the contracts in order to be able to be sure. You will meet the following contractual forms when purchasing a residential property:

• The Reservation Agreement

A so-called reservation contract, also called an option contract, ensures that a special property cannot be snapped up to your nose in Mallorca. If you have a real buying interest in an apartment, you must assure the owner that you can decide for or against the property within a very short time. The seller, on the other hand, undertakes not to sell the property to anyone else.

• A private written contract

Unlike in Germany, it is not necessary in Spain to have real estate contracts certified by a notary public so that they are valid. This is also the reason why a private contract of sale is already valid if it has been pronounced or recorded either in writing or even possible. However, this only applies if a deposit of the purchase price is made in the amount of 10%.

• The notarized purchase agreement

Finally, the actual sales contract follows. As already mentioned, this is known in Spain under the name Escritura and it is the notarized purchase contract. Only if you can prove it, you are the owner of the property and can be officially registered in the Spanish land register.

Once you have this purchase agreement in hand, the search has finally ended and you are the proud owner of a property in Mallorca.