Buy a house in Mallorca

Buy a house in Mallorca

Guide for Island Dreamers

No more summer in sight? -So your island dreams become reality

Now that the days are getting shorter again and we can't even believe that the dream summer 2018 is actually already over, you might consider whether it would not be the right time to extend the summer again and a long-cherished island dream To make it come true.

Canaries or Cyclades, Zanzibar or Seychelles, maybe even the Maldives or Hawaii-all beautiful islands for dreaming or for a holiday-but forever?
Is that really true? We say so with complete conviction.

Many dream of it, but only some make their dream come true.

You dream of an island with lots of sun, beach and sea, with nice people, good food and beautiful nature, civilized and at the same time also original, which is easily accessible from Germany?


Peter's Island Dream in the east of Mallorca

Like Peter, who discovered Mallorca again.
25 years ago he was on the Balearic island for the first time and made beach vacations with his daughter Michaela in Cala Ratjada. "At that time Michaela learned to swim in the hotel pool and I made my first diving course at Cala Guia and started a great hobby," recalls Peter enthusiastically.
Michaela is now married and has two children with whom she likes to spend a holiday in Mallorca. Last summer, Grandpa Peter accompanied the young family to the island and was so thrilled that he entered the "Buy house Mallorca " in the search engine and studied all the real estate offers.

Peter's Island Dream in the east of Mallorca

In fact, he was quick to find. Not far from the then holiday Hotel in Cala Ratjada. "My Little House is located a few meters from the beach in the picturesque Bay of San Moll-a small wonder. I never thought it would be so easy to buy an affordable house in Mallorca. Every day I do on the beach morning gymnastics

Or swim in the sea. After that I can have breakfast in my own small front garden with sea view. "


The charm of the mountain village of Capdepera

After the sporty start of the day, Peter often goes up to capdepera and strolls through the narrow alleys of the beautiful medieval town. On particularly clear days he moves on to the castle ruins. From the fortress wall, the panoramic view of the magnificent landscape and the sea to the neighbouring island of Menorca is spectacular.
Again and again Peter holds this view with his smartphone and sends the photos of his daughter in Germany. Every Wednesday Peter goes to the market on the ' Placa Orient ' and meets with fresh vegetables and delicious Inselkäse. At Cafe Margarita he likes to treat himself to a café con leche and order the delicious almond cake. He reads in the island newspaper or a German daily newspaper all important things that happen in the world and in Mallorca.
Although he is now well enough Spanish and the island language Mallorquin, which is more akin to Catalan, in order to exchange with the locals in the tavern at Vino and tapas about the results of the RCD Mallorca. But when problems come up, he gets along perfectly with German everywhere. At the doctor, in the pharmacy, at the bank, where there can be no misunderstanding, he feels better in the meantime than in Germany.


Fit and healthy in Mallorca

Peter hardly needs the doctor anyway. Since he lives in Mallorca and enjoys his early retirement, he feels as fit and healthy as he has been for a long time. He has also discovered a new hobby: playing golf. The 18 hole golf course  "Roca Viva ", which was created in 1990 by Dan Maples, a well-known American golf course architect, is not the simplest but scenically beautifully situated between the rock slopes of the Serra, delightful with olive trees, palm trees and Ponds.

Fit and healthy in Mallorca

Peter loves the magnificent look when he beats his balls. Towards the evening, the sinking sun plunges the bizarre landscape into a magical light, and Peter absorbs the spicy sea breeze with the strong lavender aroma to the fullest. At the end of the day, Peter wanders around the fishing port in Cala Ratjada, when he feels like life.
The colored boats, the fishermen who mend their nets, everything is like it was 25 years ago when he was here with his daughter Michaela. Only now is more time to look and linger. Afterwards he looks forward to a glass of full-bodied Inselwein on his sheltered terrace or on cooler evenings by the open fireplace in his house by the sea and looks back on a successful day


Devil's Hunting in Mallorca

At the latest on 16 January next year, Michaela will come back to visit with her family. For then the Devils dance in Mallorca and the Whole island awakens from hibernation. The Sant Antoni Festival is celebrated in Capdepera and many other Majorcan municipalities.
Devils dancing around huge campfires, equestrian parades and colourful processions are a spectacle for young and old. Everyone is looking forward to the famous hot chocolate, which also warms from the inside when it is cooler. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of domestic and farm animals.

Devil's Hunting in Mallorca

Almond blossom on the most beautiful island in the world

At least as impressive as the Sant Antoni Fest, however, is the almond blossom at that time. If in Germany mostly wet reigns, you can drive in Mallorca at springtime temperatures through lush blooming and wonderfully fragrant almond groves. Every year it is a wonderful spectacle of nature, when the previously barren saplings turn into a pink and white sea of blossoms almost overnight.
In the 10th century, the moors brought the almond tree from the Orient to Mallorca and long ago the fruits produced important export items. Have you ever tasted the Spanish Christmas speciality Turrón, the delicious almond liqueur Fior d ' Amantella or Peter's favorite almond cake gato d ' Almendra?
By the beginning of March, depending on the weather conditions on Mallorca, the almond trees bloom beautifully and you just have to experience it yourself to be able to feel how beautiful this is. For many who already know the spectacle of nature, it is a welcome opportunity every year to visit your favourite island and soak up the first sun rays of the year in the middle of winter.


A stone's throw to the old home

​​​​But before the almond blossom, Peter will spend Christmas with his daughter in Germany and go skiing with his grandchildren. This was also very important for Peter when he decided for his house in Mallorca: The Balearic island in the Mediterranean is easy to reach from any German airport in a short time, even several times a day.

beautiful island in the world

So if Peter's daughter is left with opera cards in Munich, or if he wants to be there in the training of his grandson, he is quicker there than before with the train from Recklinghausen.
Enter your text here...

Beach and business – is that all?

Majorca's good infrastructure and excellent accessibility of all European metropolises was also the main argument for Kai to look around for a property on the island.
The successful manager is much on the move in the world and sought for himself and his wife Katja a comfortable, generous domicile, which at the same time a place to shut off, an excellent investment in the future and ideal conditions for their common hobby, the Sailing, should offer.


Refuelling over the rooftops of Palma

 "Buy real estate Mallorca " Googled Kai and then it was suddenly quite simple. In the old town of Palma, Katja and Kai immediately fell in love with an exclusive Attiko with a large roof terrace and a view of the harbour.  "It's just fantastic to end the day with a good glass of wine with friends and let your eyes wander. The imposing Gothic cathedral of La Seu in the foreground, behind it the unparalleled beautiful natural port of Palma.Enter your text here...

To the left lies our great jolly ", Kai enraptures with shining eyes. You need binoculars and some imagination to make the sporty catamaran that lies between hundreds of glamorous white yachts. But we are immediately aware that the true quality of life is real and that Kai can recharge for his stressful everyday life.  "Before breakfast we like to jog together on the long Harbour promenade and on the city Beach, and experience on the way back the slow awakening in the bustling alleys of the old town.
Then we take Ensaimadas, calories-rich but super delicious yeast snails from our favorite baker and have breakfast comfortably on our rooftop terrace.  "


Sport and fun Guaranteed

Kai's goal is to Mitzulaufen next March at the half marathon of Palma. At the big Tui-Palma de Mallorca Marathon, which is always held on the 3rd Sunday in October, he will only be able to watch and cheer his favourites this time. Because whenever time is right and the weather is right, the two of them get rid of the lines and sail their catamaran around the Island.

 rooftops of Palma

So in the summer there is not much time for marathon training. But the island winter is usually mild and dry, perfect running weather, to be really fit in the coming spring. But of course you should also ride the racing bike and play golf not too short.


Immerse yourself in the inspiration of the vibrant island capital

Katja loves to browse through the original boutiques and Vintageläden. Again and again she discovers accessories and rarities for the stylish apartment or unusual, avant-garde designer pieces that make them the center of every party. Especially often you will find it right here in the trendy district of Santa Catalina, where many original and special shops have been established.
After her exciting shopping and exploration tours, Katja regularly breaks into the beautiful market hall. With a glass of cava, it is inspired by the fresh, colourful, artfully layered fruit and vegetable pyramids, costs a morsel of delicious Inselkäse and a few tasty spicy pickled olives. She always takes a few layers of the delicious ham Jamón Ibérico, which Pedro lovingly cuts for her wafer. The market hall is a feast for all the senses. The colors and smells in the Mercat de Santa Catalina are beguiling and the supposedly most delicious paella of the city tries to Katja here again and again.Enter your text here...

As an online journalist she can write anywhere and is now often on the island, instead of accompanying her husband as before on business trips to London, Paris or Stockholm. The inspiration for your creative work is in Mallorca on every corner and the weather is usually better than in the northern metropolises.


Strangers become friends

Very quickly Kai and Katja have set foot on the island and have built up a beautiful circle of friends in the lively and dynamic 400,000 inhabitants city. It is fun to enjoy the sociable Mediterranean. You meet a delicious ice cream or a Horchata.

Strangers become friends

The refreshing drink from the almond on hot summer days in the oldest ice-cream parlour in Palma tastes particularly good. After sunset, you can enjoy a glass of wine and delicious tapas or have a drink in one of the currently trendy outdoor lounges. You should definitely try bread with Sobrassada, the island of Streichwurst, which is now also vegan on almond basis.
At all, Palma is a hip, vibrant city and for many the new trendsetter for urban casual lifestyle.


Even more inspiration

Katja and Kai are happy on their island and this enthusiasm is simple. If you are travelling anywhere in the world, the two of you will regularly leave your stylish Dachterassenwohnung to good acquaintances. It is the perfect starting point for a relaxed shopping weekend and for refuelling new ideas and strength for everyday work.
With the scooter you can get out of the city quickly. The Castell de Bellver is definitely worth a detour. The beautiful view, as the name suggests but also architecturally, this circular castle is very interesting and unusual. From the outside Trutzig, lovely from the inside. For lovers of art and culture, a trip to the Andratx 30 minutes away is also worthwhile.Enter your text here...

The gallery CCA Andraxt for Contemporary art is a highlight, which you should not miss in particular on not so sunny days. With 4000 sqm of exhibition space It is one of the largest in Europe and a must for every lover of modern art. The list of places of interest in and around Palma is endless, but instead of checking everything out, it is much more important to get into the special lightness of the island metropolis.
Go on a voyage of discovery and find new, very personal hotspots again and again.


Finca Dreams

Meanwhile, despite her love of the sea, Katja and Kai have also discovered the beauty of the hinterland. Again and again, explore your island in search of a second, quieter base. "Buying a Finca or villa in Mallorca is also a dream we would like to realize.

Finca Dreams

Maybe our family will be bigger soon and we want more space and rest and surely our parents come to visit us more often in the future, "smiles Kai.  "Buy Finca Mallorca " and "Buy Villa Mallorca " type Katja into the tablet and we are amazed with her how many beautiful objects are free to visit.
Together we go with the open Jeep and let the summer wind blow around our nose. We don't have to go too far to feel free and like in another world. Particularly striking and omnipresent are the many old windmills, which are partly decayed but are also reconstructed in many places and made functional again.
Almost 3000 of these are spread all over the island, especially many are found around Palma. gnarled olive trees alternate with vineyards and, in between, again and again wildly sprawled estates, as if from the fairy tale that Kai and Katja bring to dream.


Mallorca is so versatile

We discover beautiful and almost untouched areas of tourism, fincas where time seems to have stopped and just waiting to awaken to new life. For lunch we return to Algaida's 4 vents and enjoy rustic Majorcan cuisine and a palatable Inselwein.
Then it goes on, the picturesque winding pass road up to the 542 meter high Puig de Randa. Probably because of the three monasteries that are located here, it is also called the Holy Mountain of Mallorca. At the top we feel like Reinhold Messner's footsteps, at the top of the island's roof.
From the former monastery of Santuari de Nostra Senyora de cura we have a unique, breathtaking view in all directions: from the Playa de Palma in the south to the Cap de Formentor in the far north.
Kai is almost sorry he doesn't have his bike. It would be too tempting now, like some others, to rush down the serpentines at a brisk pace. We linger a little with a good cup of coffee and we dream back to the past of Mallorca.


A bit of history

In Llucmajor we make another stopover. Most tourists go past it, but the city is really worth a walk. Less glamorous than the Diva Palma, it convinces us with picturesque quiet alleys and beautiful, partly high-state houses, one of which is even offered for sale.
At a café Cortado at the spacious Plaza Mayor We imagine how we lived here before. Katja knows a lot about the varied and exciting history of the island and captivates us with anecdotes: of cave dwellers who already existed 4000 before Christ in Mallorca.

Mallorca is so versatile

The name Llucmajor probably comes from Latin and is called as much as a large forest. Very close to the village is Capocorb Vell, a prehistoric archaeological site. The many Moorish corners found in Mallorca, especially in Palma, still stir from the time when the Arabs ruled the island. The many defense towers-for US welcome terraces-are from the 14.0-18th century, when you had to defend yourself on the island against the invading pirates.
We will soon see many things that Katja has told us with different eyes. But for today we are tired and drive on the most direct way back to Palma. There we look forward to a relaxed evening with a view over the millions of lights of the city and the harbour.


.. or do you prefer elegant luxury with sea view?

The next morning we make a trip to Bendinat. Tourists may be less aware of the place, but anyone who knows the French architect and Städtplaner Francois Spoerry has certainly heard of this very special suburb of Palma.

Beautiful exclusive villas with idyllic gardens and luxurious parks alternate directly by the sea. Here is also the real Club de golf Bendinat at home, whose honorary president is Juan Carlos, the former Spanish king. This is definitely a special experience to play there and meet the one or other celebrities. It is not for nothing that many actors and artists have taken up a second residence on the island.
We also accompany Kai and Katja on their present tour. A comfortable, architecturally thought-out dream villa with pool and sea view or a country house in the hinterland that needs renovation? Elegant luxury or a lot of space and potential to develop and implement new business ideas. The choice is not so easy for both of us.
Katja would like to rebuild, renovate and decorate for herself, who may soon no longer be such a small family, for friends and holiday guests a picturesque finca with huge garden. Kai relaxes and enjoys at present much prefers and prefers a domicile in the first sea line, in which all the equipment is already right. From there he is quickly out and can, if necessary, power up in the boat, on the surfboard or on his racing bike. We are anxious to see what the two will decide. Your Attiko in Palma do not give up so quickly, as Katja and Kai absolutely agree.


Insider's tip: Cala Pi

Marion also had a long dream of settling down on a Spanish island and turning her back on the cold Germany. " Buy Apartment Mallorca "was your search entry when you did not hold anything in the old home. She soon found her dream apartment in the charming village of Cala Pi in the south of the island. Although the small picturesque Villa settlement, which belongs to the municipality of Llucmayor, is not far from the airport, you will find great hotels and tourist masses in vain.

Insider's tip: Cala Pi

The area is an insider tip even among locals who should be kept best for themselves. The water in the small cove, accessible only via a staircase, is crystal clear and entices you to swim and snorkel until well into the autumn with pleasant temperatures. Big waves are very rare here, but this is what Marion loves about the protected bay so much when she is in the crystal clear water on a discovery tour of special fish and sea animals.

Bays like from the picture book

​If you are also in the area, you should not miss the ascent to the Torre de Cala Pi. From this well preserved medieval watchtower, the view over the magnificent cliffs and the bay is spectacular. Marion often sits on a rock after bathing with her sketch block and holds the breathtaking moods on the paper.

​Afterwards she likes to paint her sketches on the balcony of her enchanting apartment with watercolors or let her gaze wander over the wide deep blue sea. In the small picturesque village there are only a few cafes and bars but Marion enjoys the peace and is dedicated to yoga for many years.

Last year she realized her dream and opened a small yoga studio. Of course she is not the first, but she has already found many enthusiastic customers and friends among the Majorquins and the emigrated Germans who like the quiet balanced kind of Marion.


​Excursion to the Majorcan Caribbean

​Whenever she needs new inspiration for her pictures or yoga meditations, Marion explores other corners of the island. She was especially impressed by the lighthouse at the southern Cape of Mallorca. The salt gardens are impressive just before Colonia de Sant Jordi. Marion likes to put on a stopover here, buys herself a bag of the freshly extracted from the sea Sal d ' Es Trenc. After that, she always walks along the shore towards the south to the 6 km long, natural sandy beach "es Trenc".

Enter your t
Outside the high season, it feels a bit like a South Sea island. While practicing yoga on the snow-white sands and reading between the dunes, Marion feels the happiness of freedom, feeling quite one with the surrounding nature. You can never be satisfied with the turquoise and blue tones that conjure up the sea in the crescent-shaped, shallow bay. Soon, a new watercolor will surely bring these bright colors to your apartment. On some days it also observes the spectacle of the windsurfers, when the wind blows stronger and the surf always shapes the Ufersaum differently.

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Sóller, Chopin and hiking with Peter

​Although Sóller is a highlight in every tourist guide, it is still picturesque and original. The journey through the Tramuntana mountains alone is always a pleasure for Marion. Olive, lemon and orange groves, next to the high mountain panorama and the Deep blue Mediterranean Sea. A feast for the eyes, wherever there is a view. In the Tren de Sóller, the historic Railway from the year 1912, Marion Dreams back to the beginnings of the last century, when it was more contemplative here and elsewhere.

Sóller, Chopin and hiking

Also Valldemosa with the monastery in which George Sand once spent a winter with Frédéric Chopin is sometimes on Mario's excursion list. The special atmosphere in the room where Chopin's piano stands, inspires you to design the relaxation phases of your yoga lessons. Here she sometimes agrees with Peter, who loves Chopin's piano music, but otherwise prefers to go outside.

The rugged west side of the island fascinates the two choice Mallorcans. On common hikes along the bizarre, wildly romantic cliffs, they like to exchange information about their island experiences. This is always exciting and exciting, but you have to be free of vertigo, on the partly demanding cliffs and also good footwear is important.


Miró must be every now and then

If it's not so sunny outside in November, Marion prefers to head to the capital. In Palma's suburb of Cala Major, Catalan painter, graphic artist, sculptor and ceramicist Joan Miró, whose expressive, distinctive works probably everyone knows, lived and worked since 1956.

At 90, he died on his favorite island on December 25, 1983. But in the house of his former studio, you get the feeling that he's still painting here. Today it is the headquarters of the foundation Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca. It is poignant to see half-finished works, his brushes and colors and his champagne bottle at the place of action of the great artist, just as if he had just been here.


Miró must be

Also highly recommended for the cooler days is the Museum of Contemporary Art, Es Baluard, in Palma's fortress. Not only the exhibitions are always exciting, but also the view out of the city and the sea, the visit to the museum is always worth it. In December, a stroll through the Christmas markets in Palma is very atmospheric.

Marion has already arranged to meet Peter about this. He will then also use the day to choose the last gifts for children and grandchildren while strolling

Perhaps you are still in the middle of your job and looking for a way to invest your capital in a crisis-proof way, but also beautifully. Maybe you will start in a small charming apartment and now use long weekends and bridge days for your very personal break. As a holiday home for family members or friends and as a security in old age, this is in any case an excellent investment.

In the electronic age, it may even be possible for you to work from home. Many have since moved their home office to the island and can work here much more effectively and creatively. Instead of tormenting yourself through the city every morning by the commuter traffic or squeezing into stuffy subways, you sit at your desk, on your terrace with sea views or between blossoming orange trees after a brisk morning walk on the beach. If important meetings are coming up, you will still be in Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin in 2- 3 hours from Mallorca.
This is the decisive difference from other dream destinations, which makes Mallorca so attractive as a residence.



Close to it and still felt far away from German everyday life

Rüstige seniors who want to actively enjoy their (Un) in a steady way are also in good hands. The range of leisure activities is incredibly diverse. Swimming, hiking, cycling and walking will keep you fit and dynamic into old age.

The mild climate counteracts many Zipperlein and the sun pushes the immune system. Some discover their love for golf here late. With over 20 dreamily located golf courses on the most beautiful courses on the island, beginners and old hands will find their favourite area for white sport.

All this without having to do without the amenities of excellent medical care and our good German bread and other beloved products from the homeland.

German everyday life

Many properties are wheelchair accessible and therefore particularly attractive when you are not quite as mobile. Just log in if that's your topic. Our selection is wide and we are happy to look for the exact object that is suitable for you.

Mallorca is also very popular for young families at the moment. Whereas in the past the fear of solving children from familiar structures prevailed, young parents rightly place a great deal of emphasis on openness to the world and internationality these days. Having your child grow up bilingual or multilingual is many parents ' dream.

Instead of letting the au pair of girls come to Germany, emigrating on their own, maybe the more charming alternative for you as well. Mallorca offers the best conditions with German-international kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Just talk to us if that's your subject. We are happy to help you at any time and provide you with comprehensive advice.

You realize, no matter what your current life situation is and what you want for your future, Mallorca has a lot to offer you. There are so many beautiful things to discover and experience here. Sometimes it's just a small step and everything goes like by itself. Maybe it's you who soon take this step and then tell us your very own personal island story in 2019.


We are very much looking forward to it and are happy to support you in living your dream.

You still dream of an island with lots of sun, beach and sea, with nice people, good food and beautiful nature, civilized and at the same time original, which is easily accessible from Germany?

Is there really such a thing? I am sure you are now also saying with complete conviction: YES.