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German real estate agents in Mallorca

Warum ein deutscher Immobilienmakler auf Mallorca

Benefits of German real estate agents for German real estate interests in Mallorca

The Balearic island of Mallorca is not without reason referred to as the 17th German state. There is no other travel destination in Europe that year after year would attract more German holidaymakers than "Malle," as the Balearic paradise is colloquially known in the Federal Republic.


Mallorca – historic holiday residence that has always seduced its visitors to settle here

The fascination of the visitors for this island runs like a common thread through the history of Mallorca. Among the first celebrities to spend the winter on the Balearic island was the Polish-French composer Frédéric Chopin.

Together with his lover, who wore trousers and smoking cigars Baroness Dudevant alias writer George Sand, he lived in 1839 in 1839 in the Carthusian monastery of the mountain village of Valldemossa in Mallorca.

To this day, the flow of about 250,000 visitors does not tear off every year into the otherwise almost unmentioned worldwide tourist attraction. Even the great researcher among the Habsburgs, Archduke Ludwig Salvator from Austria, could not let of Mallorca. He even brought an asthma condition to the meeting to escape the obligations at the farm of Schönbrunn in Vienna and to discover the Balearic Islands for himself.

By the way, this Austrian, "el Austriaco," was extremely popular with the Mallorcan people. He cultivated a modest approach with the resident rural population and he also met the ordinary peasants in a friendly and respectful way, not once condescending.

Not least for this reason, the Austrian Archduke is still remembered in a very good memory on the Balearic island. Ludwig Salvator, for his part, loved Mallorca and was fascinated by the island's diverse wildlife. He set a lasting monument to his temporary adopted homeland with the nine-volume work "The Balearic Islands in Word and Picture."

In the 19th century, the journey to the island was still a rather elaborate adventure to afford. It was far from easy to find a suitable quarters. The first hotel in Mallorca was only opened at the beginning of the 20th century.

In the 1960s, international mass tourism finally began to move to the Balearic island and this trend continues unabated to this day. With an estimated third of all Mallorca holidaymakers in over 100 years, the Germans represent by far the largest group of island visitors.

Buy houses in Mallorca

No wonder, because many Germans cherish the dream and also want to realize the dream of settling on "Malle" forever at some point. With around 300 days of sunshine a year, its spacious beaches and charming bays, its diverse landscape, the Balearic island is seducing more and more Germans into wanting to acquire a property.

An average of three hours "flight from home, more and more Germans can imagine permanently pitching their tents in this island paradise or at least spending the winters there. Where else could you invite friends and family at any time and at the same time know that they accept such an invitation with honest joy.

It is therefore only logical that the Germans have been able to outdo all their competitors in the statistics of residential property sales in recent years. According to official sources, it can be assumed that today more than 30,000 German citizens live in Mallorca, taking into account permanent tenants.

The trend remains rising. There is no end to this upward trend following the investment crisis following the Spanish housing bubble. More than a third of all Majorcan properties have already passed into the possession of foreigners.

Almost 34 percent of the new owners are German citizens. After so-called "Brexit," the plebiscite of the British people who argued for the UK's exit from the European Union, Germans will become even more significant as a property buyer in Majorca.

Real estate prices are already constantly picking up. If the forecasts for the 2017 financial year are believed, a minimum of 3% increase in the value of the properties in Mallorca can be expected.

Now an unmistakably "German infrastructure" on the Balearic island has long been established. The supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl make the Germans feel at home here. German hairdressers and restaurants have settled down and offer their services everywhere.

The Mallorca newspaper and a German radio station ensure that the German language has long since become native to this Balearic island, is constantly audible and is now part of everyday life.

Do we need a real estate agent Mallorca?

Anyone who is now seriously thinking of acquiring a property in Majorca will hardly get around the services of a real estate agent. Only those who contact the developer directly with knowledge of new construction projects or become aware of private sellers in internet portals will be more likely to be able to do without the mediation service of a broker.

Of course, local interested parties have a decisive information advantage if they can specifically follow up on recommendations and regional cues or contacts of their friends and acquaintances, especially in rural areas. Such properties usually do not reach the official real estate market at all.

For all other applicants for properties for sale in Mallorca, the higher and more exclusive the expectations and demands of those interested in their new home, the more urgent it is to advise a broker of trust to enter the project from the outset. Include. Since a royal decree on the liberalisation of the real estate industry was issued in Spain in 2000, the former compulsory membership of the Spanish Brokerage Association has been based on volunteering.

Regulatory authorisation to practise the profession is no longer necessary. There is no official directory that would reveal to the prospective party how many estate agents there are Mallorca on the Balearic island. It can be assumed that the number of domestic persons plus German and British "Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria," as representatives of this profession in Spain are known, is approximately 300.

The difference German real estate agents make for German clients

In addition to the trade application in Germany, German real estate agents also need regulatory permission under the Commercial Code so that they can carry out their brokerage activities in the first place. Before such permission is granted, personal reliability is determined by leumseness check.

Nor can there be reasonable conclusions that the applicant's financial relationships pose an extraordinary risk due to over-indebtedness, bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings that have already been initiated or threatened.

On the other hand, the principle of freedom of trade applies in Spain and Germany's real estate industry. However, the fact that the brokerage courtage under German law may only be made after performance has been made also offers the client the appropriate security of the execution. In principle, German real estate agents are free to undergo specialist qualifications or training before or during their professional activities.

There is no doubt that whoever has appropriate vocational training will be able to credibly assert a higher professional professionalism of his services as real estate agent.

A very important quality criterion is the auditing view of whether a real estate office belongs to the German real estate association IVD. IVD membership is the most important evidence that professional qualifications, further education and training measures have been proven and that the Code of Professional Conduct of IVD has been recognised.

German interested parties for real estate in Mallorca may also rely on the support of an institution unique in the real estate industry in the event of IVD membership of their real estate agent: A separate ombudsman office secures in the case of Disputes between buyers and brokers in the real estate industry are subject to upright consumer protection, so there is an IVD membership of the real estate office.

If a conciliation procedure is required, it is free of charge for the parties involved, including the buyer of a property in Mallorca. In addition, the IVD Ombudsman may only be called by the person who has used and criticized the services of an IVD member, but not by the broker himself.

A similarly confidence-building institution committed to maintaining high quality standards in real estate services is missing from Spain.

Of course, it is equally advisable to take a concentrated look at the reference list of already completed property purchases of a brokerage office. Be sure to keep in mind the scope of the services offered before placing your order.

Even before you start the search for the ideal real estate agent Mallorca, you have to admit unadorned in which financial framework your desired property can move. What is your absolute pain threshold, which could withstand one or the other potential professional turbulence in a closer or more distant future?

To do this, of course, you would also need to be able to assess the ancillary costs of your prospective property in Mallorca in a reasonably realistic way. Your experienced German real estate agent will open your eyes and alert you that the stated, mostly startlingly cheap ancillary costs are often accompanied by a veritable flood of extras.


Buy luxury properties Mallorca

Garbage, water, sewer fees are to be paid separately in addition to the basic electricity charge. With the annual tax for the self-use of the property, which has no counterpart in other EU countries, especially in Germany, a cold sum quickly collapsed, with which you will not have seriously expected in your wildest dreams.

A real estate agent specialising in the absolute high-price sector of luxury properties in a certain part of Mallorca's island is not the ideal address for you. Only when you have fixed all your requirements and expectations in terms of living space, possibly associated floor space, real estate location, equipment and cost limit does it really make sense to start the search for the right broker.

After most people are not too regularly able to appropriate a property abroad for obvious reasons, a care process from the very first second of the search may be of great importance.

It is important that you can rely on the competent and committed support of a real estate office in Germany. It must be clear to you that not only the first, but above all the most important steps to your dream property, must be taken from home and not, as often wrongly expected, only on site.

In Mallorca itself, the narrowest selection of all real estate proposals you have chosen in Germany based on your search profile is visited. Do all the framework conditions set at the beginning with high priority conditions really apply as precisely as possible?

Real estate agent Mallorca

Your real estate agent will be happy to advise you at any time at this crucial time and will not exert any pressure, because only last will the property be selected. But until it gets there is a long way to go where you have to be able to rely on the best possible care.

However, for the German-based prospective customer who wants to make contact with real estate agent Mallorca, the offer on the World Wide Web is hardly sortable anymore. The warned index finger of the man's mouth often has to be agreed to, especially in the real estate industry, if he suspects who is buying cheaply, usually buy particularly expensive.

Just irreal-cheap bargains, so-called lure offers, the real estate owner, who is looking for himself, has to face with particular suspicion. This is all the more true for long-term rental offers, especially when no established real estate office is switched on.

Be aware that Mallorca is one of the most popular and, due to this demand, one of the most expensive holiday property markets in Spain, while maintaining relatively constant supply. It is always suspicious when, for flimsy reasons, there are no face-to-face meetings with either the owner or a broker.

However, alarm bells should shrill unbearably loudly if advance payments are to be made on the basis of a purely virtual e-mail contact as a guarantee of interest in a property not yet visited at all.


Demand trends over the course of an average calendar year

Following the usual annual trends, the usual Google searches with the search terms "Real Estate Mallorca" accumulate in the middle to the end of February. The demand trend curves reach the peak of the year in late summer and then decline in autumn. In late autumn, there is a kind of winter break, with December, by its very nature, being the quietest month of the real estate year.

The German interested player, who is looking for real estate in Mallorca in the first third of his year, usually wants to spend the summer months in his own new home on the Balearic island. Those who go looking so early may also have plans to earn income from holiday rentals with the new property, possibly in the first oncoming high season.

In order for this timetable to succeed, the German interested party first browses the current offer of real estate Mallorca. At the same time, he quickly comes across the very important question of which real estate agent would be the right one for the success of such an important project:


When to go in search of the dream property in Mallorca?

Who among all the brokers who offer their services on the internet for promising the brokerage of real estate actually has profound market knowledge? Who is in business long enough to know the regional peculiarities of the market?

Who really has experience in dealing with the Spanish authorities and knows what bureaucratic hurdles to overcome in what order? Which real estate agent is really able to warn you in good time of any legal stumbling blocks in the course of the buying process and afterwards.

There are some brokerage offices that have been successful in the business for many years and others that have long since left the industry after just a few months of professional activity. On the other hand, the potential buyer of a property in Mallorca arriving from Germany should not forget that very often the right time to visit is decisive.

A German-based real estate agent will have quickly presented you with the advantages of a search outside the peak tourist season. The cost of travel and stay on the Balearic island is incomparably lower than in the peak tourist season.

The potential buyer could possibly arrive together with the broker to visit selected objects and he could even do so several times if necessary.

It is just as important to see the everyday life around the property outside the tourist season: Is every social and economic activity extinguished, everything as extinct or does the local supply work unhindered even out of season?

Have the supermarkets and service providers such as craft businesses, hairdressers, restaurants, etc. continued to open? A secure supply around the property is always needed if sooner or later it is intended to use the new home not only in the summer months, but perhaps also once as a wintering quarter or offer travellers.

The recent development in Germany with a refugee crisis and the disturbing events in the New Year's Eve countries of the last two years have shown how quickly the attractiveness of a holiday resort can increase even in winter.

At the end of the season, the offer in the Majorcan real estate market is particularly well stocked. Many owners decide to sell immediately after the high season, which is always a very important source of income.

Cheap Real Estate Mallorca

The skillful buying interesting person is most likely to be able to put out a discount at the seller with the right real estate agent at his side just before the start of the winter break. On the other hand, many salespeople seem more lucrative to offer the property directly in the high season, when Mallorca affine potential prospective buyers are already on hand to thousands.

This time of year also has the invaluable advantage that there are no unpleasant surprises regarding the hustle and bustle in and around the holiday property. As all these examples show, the phase of preparing a property purchase in Mallorca is of crucial importance.

A German real estate agent can actively support them from Germany before he goes to the island together with you and goes to visit. The personal support is all the more intense if it is a smaller, explicit property on this market segment, in which you are looking for your property on the Balearic island, specialized and very experienced real estate office.

This personal support by a German broker familiar with the peculiarities of the Majorcan real estate market is not only pleasant, but essential in many practical ways.


Competent and expert Advice from the first Moment

The German real estate agent in Mallorca will inform you in good time what arrangements you need to make in Germany before the search for your dream property on site can even begin.

For example, the establishment of a Giro account at a Spanish bank still does not lead to a serious cost-saving path for the German property owner. Cash supply, in particular, still incur significant charges for so-called third-party withdrawals, despite current SEPA rules.

When buying a property, it is mandatory to claim the services of notaries, whose fees usually have to be paid directly by cheque. These cheques must be confirmed by a Spanish bank in order to be accepted as a means of payment.
A corresponding account opening can, of course, already be done in Germany, where the main Spanish banks are all represented by branches on the German financial market.

In addition to the various account management fees and overdraft interest, it is important to take into account the question of the number of branches on site and the available ATMs in Mallorca.

However, if there is a need for debt financing, it must be clarified in advance for a potential real estate buyer which bank is prepared to advance on which terms and which amount after checking the creditworthiness of the credit purchase. If such negotiations, sometimes time-consuming, are not started until the property has already been found, everything can be far too late.

Under ideal circumstances it can be really fast and your living dream is already found in Mallorca. However, it can burst just as quickly as a soap bubble, if in the meantime there is another decided prospect to buy it, who has negotiated and secured his financing needs prematurely with a Spanish bank.

Since a change in the law in 2006, the aspiring property owner in Mallorca has had to apply in time for the allocation of a Spanish foreigner identity number, a Número de Identidad de Extranjero, in short: N.I.E.

This is one of the legal measures against tax fraud to ensure that the financial resources received in the course of a purchase of real estate have been transparently disclosed, identified and certified.

All administrative routes, of course, also require their time in Spain and should therefore be taken in good time.

So it's best to apply for your N.I.E. at Spain's diplomatic mission in Germany.

In the optimal care of a small, rather family-held German real estate office, in which personal care is not exchanged for a cost-friendly nimble customer handling, it is almost certain that you will be provided by your personal broker on each Individual of your necessary steps to the living dream in Mallorca will be made aware.


The multi-broker system and other features of Mallorca's real estate market

A special feature of the Majorcan real estate market is the so-called multi-broker system. If someone wants to sell their property on the Balearic island, they commission not one, but several real estate agents in Mallorca with it.

They all then include this offer in their portfolio and go in search of suitable buyers. It should be assumed that roughly three quarters of all properties on the market are advertised at the same time by several real estate agents and offered for sale.

This is, of course, all the more true if it is an upmarket price-category property or a genuine luxury property. For such objects in particular, the seller often explicitly wants an international buyer to be found.

Those who are not familiar with this Majorcan brokerage practice could now have the unjustified fear, the highly sought-after dream property of all places might not be available from its own broker because it is offered exclusively by its competitors. Is.

In theory, this possibility may exist, but practice shows that the most prominent, attractive properties are always in the portfolio of several brokerage offices. On the contrary, exclusive orders on the real estate market of Mallorca are the exception.


Luxury villa Mallorca for sale

Since it is quite common for Mallorca's real estate agents to help themselves to each other, a German interested party can be confident that a German broker established in the Majorcan market will have the necessary good contacts in the industry in order to access To get to your dream property.

A really good real estate agent in Mallorca has a sufficiently dynamic network that he could, if necessary, organize your dream finca via the detour of another real estate office. Needless to say, her German real estate agent speaks and understands the national language in such a way that he can competently represent your interests in negotiations with the sellers, but also local authorities and institutions.

This multi-broker system, which is very typical of the Balearic island, now offers the prospective customer the decisive advantage that he can choose "his" real estate agent by more complex standards.

The decision which broker is to be entrustled with such an important matter will therefore be based on such references, which demonstrate its competence in the real estate industry and its knowledge of the current market situation.

Of course, it is also important to be the chemistry between broker and potential buyer, as a solid basis of trust is essential for the success of such life decisions. After all, there is always a lot of money involved in buying real estate in Mallorca.

The amount of commission in Mallorca does not play too much in the choice of the suitable real estate agent, because this is usually paid by the seller. Of course, it is always advisable to assure yourself that this Majorcan usability is also reflected in the brokerage agreement before signing it. It makes perfect difference whether five percent brokerage commission is to be added to the estimated sale price, or whether, from the buyer's point of view, this brokerage commission is already included because the seller pays it. According to German practice, buyers and sellers share the brokerage fee equally.

As can already be easily seen from this example, it generally has unbeatable advantages for interested parties based in Germany if they also entrust the realization of their living dreams in Mallorca to a German real estate agent Mallorca.

The services that a really good broker can offer in terms of legal knowledge, legal frameworks and administrative requirements, experience and in-depth market knowledge are indispensable.

In principle, no citizen of a Member State should, of course, be placed in a legally inferior position within the European Union than a local buyer, so there must be no real legal obstacles.

Nevertheless, it is the sole obligation of the broker to inform its client in good time about the amount and nature of the taxes incurred in the course of the purchase process. After all, the tax peculiarities of a German citizen's real estate purchase business in Mallorca are not to be regarded as a pre-set general knowledge.

The same cultural background, the same language and the same or at least a very similar mentality of interested parties and intermediaries are also an unbeatable advantage for the smooth Processing such a buying process.

Not only will your broker listen carefully and always ask specifically until he has a concrete picture of how the German prospect imagines his dream property in Mallorca. The broker needs to know exactly what to look for if he wants to avoid "empty kilometres" and, of course, to see this real estate search project crowned with success for you.

Of different cultures, meanings and mentalities

Anyone who disesses this aspect underestimates how quickly avoidable misunderstandings can occur, especially if someone is looking for a special property. Let's say you are considering buying an apartment in Mallorca. Potential interested parties, before they go looking, only rarely have really concrete ideas about what they want to look for.

In most cases, the price is one with the decisive or the essential criterion. The situation is also important. Would you rather settle far away from the hustle and bustle of tourism centres or do you not want to miss out on the amenities and lively running of a big city?

Does the Southerners understand the same as the North German resident of a more rural area under a lively residential district? Since the Majorcan economy is fed mainly from tourism, the service sector is the main employer, which provides employment for the local population.

Those who yearn for a finca inland on large plot of land can be cordially indifferent to the working hours of their neighbors due to the distance. However, this is not the case for someone considering buying an apartment in a large gated community. Due to the proximity of the space, the property buyer seeking relaxation is rarely indifferent when his neighbors are professionally subjected to a rhythm of life that runs counter to his diametrically.

Is your own garden necessarily part of it or is a terrace enough for you? Is a small balcony perhaps sufficient to satisfy your need for open-air access?

And what about dogs? The fact that the access of Spaniards to animals is somewhat peculiar in nature can be assumed to be known. Thus, countless of the hundreds of thousands of dogs of Mallorca spend most of the working time of their owners locked out on balcony or terrace, where they bark into the day as well as the night out of boredom and understrain.

Your German real estate agent will attach appropriate importance to the question of how many dogs are present in the immediate neighborhood, because he knows how Nerv can have a deadly uninterrupted dog bark on the mind.

The half-life of a person's humour may also be rapidly shortened if he has just spent a real fortune to be clueless in exposing himself to such permanent harassment.

Perhaps many years of gainful employment lie ahead of you, so that no permanent secondary residence in Mallorca can be thought of any longer. So you're more inclined towards an apartment to prevent any caring responsibilities for the property's green spaces in your absence?

You may even be planning to offer your new property as a holiday apartment for a foreign rental and thus earn income at the time when you do not use it personally?

So even before you go in search of a suitable object, you have to realize that the distinction between exactly what is meant by an apartment, a studio or even a penthouse is not quite as simple as it might seem at first glance. Like.

This is all the more true when it comes to typical regional designations such as the Spanish Ático. Only so much is certain in advance: All these terms rewrite different types of apartments.

The same room for interpretation arises if you are interested in acquiring a house. The term  "Villa " evokes the expectation of luxury and exclusivity, but there are also houses that do not have to hide in terms of exquisite furnishings and extravagance.

Apart from that, the borders are fluid, which is exactly what luxury means. For some, a certain minimum number of bathrooms, garage spaces, or a private swimming pool of respectable size or minimum range of space space is associated with the notion of luxury. For the others, on the other hand, the unobstructed sea view, which you could enjoy from your own balcony, is the sheer luxury.


The dream of the little finca in Mallorca

When buying a finca Mallorca, it is imperative to appoint a real estate agent. The ideal broker is distinguished by the fact that he can do a lot of work for you when buying your dream mobile.

German real estate agents in Mallorca are also aware of the problem that their German clients understand a majority of a fine country house. Many interested parties imagine under a finca an old farmhouse, which was built in the typical Spanish country architecture made of natural stone.

The old fincas as real historical farms were naturally built inland in the middle of agricultural land and pastures, to which the path of the farmer had to be the shortest possible.

On the Iberian Peninsula and its associated archipelagos, however, the term Finca is now synonymous with a holiday property for local nationals or foreigners. They are preferably close to the beach and are mostly of younger age, but may sometimes have been completely rebuilt.

Mallorca Real Estate Bargain

Many of the historic Spanish fincas have had to be rebuilt and expanded or renovated since their inception, as they mostly did not meet modern requirements for contemporary living comfort.

Only the appearance of the exterior is still preserved by many people, the charm of a rather simple, rustic estate, while inside they have long since come up with all sorts of exclusive special features. In this respect, the warning of your experienced real estate agent Gold is worth having all official permits for the various conversions presented before a purchase announcement.

Paragraphs and regulations

It is important to check whether they were also in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and whether they were approved on the building authorities. If such a review is not carried out, there may be a very evil awakening if the municipality turns to the new owners due to possible illegalities of certain conversions and even demands reconstructions.

The question of whether a structural official determination of the building structure has ever been commissioned and whether the habitability of the old finca is so certified that the connection to the electricity and water supply is indispensable. Secured.

The dream of one's own finca in Mallorca can sometimes also fail because of the fact that existing leases enjoy stock protection before the law or that the owner willing to sell does not have sole control over the entire property. .


How reassuring that the German real estate agent at your side knows exactly what to look out for so that your dream of having your own little finca in Mallorca can come true.


Your real estate agent Mallorca from Germany



Buy a finca in Mallorca


Real Estate Mallorca - Buy a finca in Mallorca-help real estate agents

Who does not want their own finca in Mallorca, perhaps directly near the beach or in the shallow interior of the country or in a secluded mountainous region of the island? To be able to buy a property on this wonderful island, you need not only the financial resources, but also a good real estate agent.

Because a real estate agent in Mallorca has a large network of contacts, has access to the relevant properties through his activity, is familiar with the legal regulations when buying a property and can help the potential prospective buyers Preserve legal stumbling blocks.

A major advantage of the broker is also that it speaks the local language, which facilitates negotiations with sellers, state institutions or other important persons.


How do I find the right real estate agent for real estate Mallorca?

If you want to buy a property in Mallorca, you need the right real estate agent first. In order to find this, it is first necessary to determine in which financial framework the potential objects may move.

Calculating a cap on price can save you a lot of hassle. Not everyone wants to buy a luxury property and therefore desperately needs a broker who specialises exclusively in high-priced luxury properties.

After determining one's own claims (size of finca, location, equipment, financial upper limit), corresponding candidates can then be selected. You can easily research them on the internet. There are lists of the respective resident brokers.

The most sensible thing to do is to find out about his company, his way of working and, of course, his portfolio on the broker's homepage. The market for Mallorca real estate is large and already at the first search you can tell if the broker has interesting objects on offer.

This gives you a first impression of whether the broker fits you. The purchase of a finca in Mallorca is usually not quite cheap and it is about a lot of money, so it must be ensured that a relationship of trust can arise between real estate agent and customer. In the case of non-existent sympathy, this is usually not possible.


Legal regulations and regulations for Mallorca real estate

First of all, there are basically no legal obstacles if you want to buy a finca Mallorca. Since Spain is a member of the European Union, as a German citizen one enjoys the same rights, which apply to every Spaniard.

It is important to be aware of the taxes incurred when buying a finca. In principle, a distinction is made between legal and natural persons. Basically, the tax rate in the Canary Islands, also known as IGIC (Impuesto General Indirecto Canario), is 4.5 percent.

It thus deviates from the tax rate that applies on the Spanish mainland. Again, this is one reason for the great popularity of real estate in Mallorca. But there are other taxes that have to be included when buying a finca in Mallorca.

If the seller is a legal entity in the legal sense, VAT must be paid, especially if the property is a new building. For a finca, the tax rate is 10 percent.


Finca for sale in Mallorca

In addition to the VAT payable, the purchase of a finca also results in a so-called survey tax (Actos Jurídicos Documentados, AJD), which is between 0.5 and 1.5 percent.

This registration tax must be paid to the region on whose territory the land is located. If sellers and purchasers are natural persons in the legal sense, the land acquisition tax (impuesto sobre transmisiones patriomonial) is payable. This is between 7 and 10 percent. This depends on which region the property is in with the property.

Since 2006, there have been safeguards against tax fraud to ensure that the people involved in the purchase of a property have their Spanish tax identification number NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal), as well as the origin of all to settle the property. Disclose and record the purchase price necessary for funding in a notarized deed. Those who are not prepared to do so risk rejecting entry into the Land Registry.

Bargain houses Mallorca

If you want to buy a finca Mallorca, you should not forget, after the purchase, to submit the annual tax return to the Spanish tax office. The assessment distinguishes between limited or unlimited tax liability.

Good advice is not important here that the bargain turns out to be  "priceless " in retrospect.

If the buyer has the so-called  "residencia " or lives more than 183 days a year in Spain, he is subject to the unlimited tax liability. This means that all his assets and also his worldwide income are estimated in Spain. For German citizens living in Mallorca, the double taxation agreement applicable between Germany and Spain must also be observed.
In total, the administrative costs for the purchase of Mallorca real estate (lawyer, notary, land registry office) can be about 3 to 4 percent of the purchase price.

Important rules when buying real estate Mallorca

In order to ensure that the search, negotiations and conclusion of the purchase agreement go smoothly when buying a finca in Mallorca, the real estate agent has the task of advising his clients on possible stumbling blocks. Such traps lurk mainly in the property's property right.

Before signing anything or making an oral commitment, there should be both the current purchase agreement of the previous owner as well as the land registry extract and a so-called cadastral reference. It is also necessary to clarify whether the seller has sole control or whether other persons are owners.


Finca Mallorca buy privately?

In order to ensure that there are no problems with the municipality, it should be checked whether all the permits for the construction were available, whether predetermined dimensions have been adhered to and what quality the building fabric has. The best way to show a certificate of habitability is to circumcise problems with the water and electricity supply.

Before a purchase agreement is concluded, it should be clarified whether there may be leases for the finca. If so, it must be checked whether the lease is entered in the Land Registry and thus enjoys stock protection.

If the lease is not registered, the new owner may terminate the contract with a period of three months. What you should insist on is the conclusion of a notarized purchase contract (Escritura Publica de Compraventa) as soon as possible. It is also important to register as an owner immediately in the Land Registry. Only then will one fully own the property.


Finca in Mallorca

Working with a real estate agent in Mallorca is imperative if you want to buy a finca Mallorca. He can take much of the work off the prospective buyer and his commission is out of all proportion to the costs that a failed purchase can incur. If you are interested in real estate Mallorca, you should not give up the knowledge and competencies of a real estate agent.


Cely for renovation Finca Mallorca Buy?

This only works with a big dose of courage, of course. You should also follow the language and have a network of acquaintances and helpers in Mallorca.



Of course, we are happy to help here as well.




How do I get my NIE number Mallorca?
NIE Nummer

No property purchase without YOU

NIE is the grippy abbreviation for NEVER number, the Spanish Número de Identidad de Extranjero. As a foreigner's identity number, it serves a wide range of purposes in Spain.

Among other things, the NEVER number for the foreigner is a tax number Spain. While for the German citizen here in Germany, the identification number of the Federal Central Office for Taxation and the tax number of the local operating finance office are different, i.e. two things, in Spain the NIE number is also the Foreigner's identity number as well as the tax number Spain.

The Spanish holidaymaker should have them with his documents, while the NIE is essential for a longer or permanent stay in mainland Spain or on one of the Spanish islands such as Mallorca.


A NIE number must always be applied for, it is not automatically assigned

With it, the Spanish Government aims to identify foreigners residing in the country for private, professional or business reasons. This applies not so much to the weekend or the short holidaymaker, but mainly to those who want to live and live longer under the Mediterranean sun.

Participation in social or business life is hardly possible without NIE in Spain. For example, if you want to buy a property in Mallorca, the NIE number is unavoidable. The purchase of real estate with notarization of the purchase agreement as well as subsequent rewriting in the Spanish Land Registry is just one example of the necessity of the NIE.

Other reasons for this include renting the apartment, studying at a Spanish university, taking out insurance to car purchase or opening an account. In all situations in which the person concerned has to identify himself, the submissions of his NEVER are expected or required.


NIE apply for number either domestically and in Spain

For the stay in Spain, the NIE can be applied both here in Germany and on the spot in the country. The person concerned is on the very safe side if he carries the NIE with him already on entry. He can't know or guess what could come his way.


Oficina de extranjeros Palma de Mallorca

Without the NIE, an official procedure can falter without being able to do anything about it. The authority invokes the need for NEVER. The foreigner has to accept that and follow it. With NIE, such a situation is out of the question.

Here in Germany, the application route for the NIE leads number to the Spanish Embassy or to one of the nationwide Consular General in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich or Stuttgart. The Spanish Embassy is based in the federal capital Berlin. The following documents must be attached to the multi-page application:

Identity card or passport with registration in the original
    One of the two as a one-sided copy The application must be completed in Spanish either by machine or handwriting in large block letters. The NIE applicant has no influence on the duration of the processing time. Experience has shown that he has to expect six to eight weeks, with three months not uncommon either.


The Spanish police are responsible for the granting of the NIE in the country

A distinction is made here in the local and national police. The NIE number is issued exclusively by the National Police. All documents to be accompanied are identical to those in Germany. The processing time can take one, two to eight weeks.

The principle here is that police stations in large cities need significantly more time than those in rural areas. At best, the applicant is given the pick-up date when the application is submitted. NIE costs in the single-digit euro area are the same everywhere. Payment is made both in Germany in cash or cashless, and in Spain only cashless.


A third, but quite expensive option is to use a frame, in English intermediary

This is a lawyer or notary. The Gestor, which is mostly German-speaking, offers its service in both Spain and Germany. For an individual fee in the three-digit euro range between around EUR 150 and EUR 300, the NIE number will be issued within a few weeks.


NEVER apply for number online

The immigrant saves himself from applying in Spanish for his money. He also benefits from the "short wire" of the Gestor to the relevant Spanish authorities.

The high costs are also due to the fact that the frame works with notarized documents and powers of attorney, in which the sense of working. For this purpose, the applicant is spared personal appearance in both Germany and Spain.

The eight-digit NEVER begins with a Y followed by seven digits as well as a final additional letter. The exhibiting authorities, apart from the Spanish Consulate General or the Spanish Embassy in Germany, are the Dirección General de la Policía or the Civil Guard.

From a stay of three months, the foreigner, guest or visitor must register in the Registro Central de Extranjero. This residence permit and the foreigner identity number are two things. One does not replace the other, but in each individual case both are needed.


The conclusion remains

That it can help as a precaution to have the NIE ready for a shorter stay in Spain. So if you need a NIE number (tax number Spain) – we can help!



Buying property in Mallorca: The ultimate shopping guide

Immobilien auf Mallorca kaufen

If you want to buy a property in Mallorca, you should get the most accurate strategy possible beforehand. But beware – there is a lot to consider! What exactly, you can learn in this article. After reading this article, you will then have the assurance that your dream of the property in Mallorca will not only come true, but will also give you lasting pleasure.


Find your right place

It is helpful to answer a few questions before searching and to create a list of bars in order to avoid possible disappointments in advance. The location plays as an important point as well as the location and size of the object. It also makes a difference whether you want to live or rent out the property mainly during the high season or during the winter months. Last but not least, the budget available to you influences your choice of object.

At the same time, it doesn't always have to be the most famous places with celebrity status and the big sonorous name to be eligible as a location for a beautiful and attractively located property in Mallorca. Especially among the destinations on the island, which are traded as insider tips, there are some real discoveries with added value and a lot of development potential upwards also in terms of return.


It doesn't always have to be peguera-Mallorca's sunny south-west has surprises to offer

Among the popular seaside resorts in Mallorca, especially in the southwest of the island, in addition to well-known destinations such as Santa Ponca or Peguera, a number of places that have so far been less visited and at least as attractive have attracted attention over the last year. In doing so, pure holiday resorts such as the charming Illetas could become real insider tips with a good reputation even among German interested parties.

As a real estate agent in Illetas, we advise and support you kindly and competently in the choice of the right object. Many years of experience in the real estate industry and insider knowledge of the customs and conditions, but also the pitfalls and possible obstacles in the search for the right object on the island make us a competent and reputable partner on the Way to your dream property.

In addition to building fabric and equipment as well as the location of the property, our recommendations also incorporate in-depth knowledge of the legal and economic realities in Spain and especially in the Balearic Islands. Leave nothing to chance when buying real estate in Mallorca and trust the sensitivity and professional competence and professionalism of your real estate agent!


Mallorca still as a longing island number 1 with booming real estate market

Yacht in der Bucht

The longing for a domicile under the sun of Mallorca as a second home has increased significantly among potential real estate buyers in recent years. In addition to the desire for one's own four walls to be used comfortably and independently on holiday without the constraints of hotel life, there is a need for a sunny retirement country and interest in a high-yield investment.

With these wishes, the Germans are not alone, because the rush for high-quality Mallorca real estate has recently increased significantly in the number of times in the world. More and more Swedes are currently moving to a comfortable second home on the scenic Balearic island.

The excellent infrastructure with decades of experience in tourism, around 300 safe sunny days a year and superbly maintained beaches on the turquoise blue sea make Mallorca the number one yearning island for many people, not only from Europe. Supply will therefore become much more tight and prices are expected to rise in the future as a result of rapidly growing demand.

This applies to a comfortable villa or finca with rural charm as well as to an urban penthouse in Palma or a terraced house or apartment with sea views near the beach. Mallorca is currently experiencing a run by high-paying clientele from all over the world, especially on upscale properties with value. The market is clearly in motion and the spiral is moving inexorably upwards.

Therefore, you should not wait too long to get your dream object on the island. Whopping returns from


"The offer will become much scarcer in the near future – and that is why prices will rise soon."


5 percent gross and more in an investment speak for themselves. And there is no end to the boom, on the contrary. For example, after the Russians, Americans and increasingly Chinese are currently discovering the easily accessible Balearic island as an object of desire. It is time for the German investor to access it quickly before others do.


Declining interest rate developments make an investment in Mallorca properties more attractive than ever

As interest rate developments are currently declining and the conditions for a Mallorca property as an investment and retirement savings are as good as rare, prospective buyers are well advised not to wait too long with the investment. In addition to the location of the purchase, however, the crux of the purchase is the seriousness of the offer, which a layman inexperienced in Spanish real estate law is often unable to distinguish from an unsound offer.


"The supposedly cheapest deal often turns out not to be the best."

The supposedly cheapest deal, however, doesn't necessarily prove to be the best and the tempting bargain "under your hand" occasionally turns out to be an economic or legal boomerang. As an accomplished real estate agent in Illetas, we are well acquainted with the legal, economic and regulatory requirements surrounding the purchase of houses and apartments in Mallorca. We put all properties through their paces and offer our customers only reputable and safe properties in every respect.

Because the optimal offer when buying a Mallorca property is not the first, but the most tested, ideally tailored to your wishes and needs.


Buy an EU citizen without a hassle or a house as a property in Spain

As a general rule, as a citizen of the EU, you can buy real estate in Mallorca without restriction, be it for self-use, for re-leasing as an investment or as a pension. Nevertheless, before a purchase, it should be noted that Spanish law is not one-to-one identical to the German one when buying residential property.

Pool bei Nacht

This applies to the tax aspects as well as to entries in the Land Registry and Purchase Contract. In addition, even in investment-friendly Mallorca, it is no longer possible to build unbridled into the landscape, as it was in the 1960s or -70s. Especially during the last few years, for the good of the environment and the countryside and last but not least, a qualitatively sustainable tourism, a rethink of those responsible in Mallorca has taken place here. In contrast to the past, environmental sins and unauthorised construction activities are now punishable by severe fines and imminent demolition.

In addition, the building regulations are not regulated uniformly on the island, but can vary from municipality to municipality. What is still possible for builders at Playa de Palma, for example, can now be prohibited in the southwest, for example. This may mean a rude awakening for the buyer if he wants to buy a supposedly affordable property in the highly sought after first sea line, for example, in a blue-eyed and unaware of the legal situation.

It is also important to note the very special Spanish right of way, which partly goes back to age-old ownership and is taken very closely by the Spanish authorities. A foreclosure of purchased land and real estate against public access, for example by gate and wall is only possible to a limited extent and not always possible.


Why you should definitely work with a broker!

This makes them all the more sought-after, especially as investment properties for re-leasing, the properties in this fillet location, which are fully secured and not burdened by any restrictions, are all the more desirable. Because real estate in the first line of the sea still exists legally and legally secure, but increasingly less often. As local real estate agents, we know these subtleties and legal requirements and include waterproof offers in our portfolio only from a legal point of view.


Enjoy the sun in the holiday resorts of Calvià, beautiful beaches and the proximity to Palma
Abendrot bei Santa Ponsa

The south-west of Mallorca with a number of well-known seaside resorts around Calvià as its main town is one of the sunniest and most attractive regions on the multi-faceted Balearic island. The sun safety here is around 300 days a year and attracts sun worshippers to the well-kept and clean beaches at any time of the year. Temperatures of more than 30 degrees are the rule here in midsummer and as late as October, when in Germany everything is already grey, temperatures climb to more than 20 degrees and the wind blows gently.

Sharp northerly winds do not reach the coast here and surrender pleasantly to the dense forests and the Tramuntana Mountains that rise behind them. Another plus point that speaks as  "soft location factor " for the purchase of a property in the region is the proximity to the capital Palma in combination with excellent transport connections.

On one day laze in the sun on the fine sandy beach, on the other hand lace up the hiking boots for a natural tour in the hinterland and on the third for shopping and culture to Palma, all this is possible here without any problems and without time-consuming approaches. This versatility and efforts at quality leave away from mass tourism will significantly increase the return prospects of investment investors on the south-west coast.


Agenda Local 21 and new awareness of value and building with a sense of proportion

The 54-kilometre-long coastal strip between the Mediterranean Sea and an extensive forest area in the hinterland is among the most beautiful on the whole island and has been developing holiday resorts, which are particularly popular with Germans such as Peguera and Santa Ponça, since the 1960s. Transported.

The less attractive Magaluf, less attractive because of its concrete architecture, is, like the palm-fringed promenade, rather a hotspot for British package tourists. The small fine noble town of Port Nous, on the other hand, with its extensive marina and attractive promenade, is primarily frequented by British and Spanish celebrities.

Calvià itself is not a tourist resort and has largely retained its original character as a typical Balearic small town. Here, the threads for the administrative regulation of tourism and construction regulations converge in all holiday resorts belonging to Calvià.

Potential property buyers should bear this in mind if you are interested in an object in the region: Even the well-known resorts are not self-employed in their planning, but depend on the strategies and decisions of the Administration in Calvià. And this has made a significant change of course in recent years with regard to the construction of real estate in the first line of the sea: The so-called Agenda Local 21 of the municipality significantly restricts the buildable area in the front row and has the land use plan. Changing accordingly.

A loosened residential development, a better quality of life and a plus for the environment are the goal, away from concrete castles near the sea to sustainable quality tourism with respect for the surroundings. This essentially laudable goal means for the private investor that, unlike in earlier times, holiday properties are no longer fully available in the first sea line.

A residential development will only be possible there to a limited extent in the future, some older properties have already been demolished. All the more valuable are those properties that are allowed to endure.


Real estate in Mallorca in fillet location by the sea are highly sought after and become rare

With all limitations, construction is, of course, still conditionally possible in the first sea line, and existing properties from this coveted segment are also still on the market. In other regions of the island, such as the destinations belonging to the capital Palma such as Can Pastilla, the legal situation in terms of development is slightly different.

The real estate prices for dream objects directly on the sea room, for many holiday guests the epitome of a successful Mallorca holiday, have always been and are now all the more so


"There is not the slightest doubt about the continuing lucrative and steadily increasing value of the holiday properties in view of the unbreakaway boom in Mallorca."


In all seaside resorts above the prices for houses and apartments in second or even third sea line. In the future, the market will become even tighter and the properties more expensive, so a timely purchase is advisable to all those who now still want to invest their capital in such a property on reasonable terms.

For there is not the slightest doubt about the continuing lucrative and steadily increasing value of such holiday properties, given the unbreakaway boom in Mallorca. Professional know-how and flair for optimal value for money, taking into account all regional and local conditions on the island, make the certified and certified real estate agent the competent broker of your sustainable Holiday property.


Enjoy dignified tranquillity away from mass tourism in an exclusive setting

An increasingly attractive insider tip for a lucrative investment in a location on the southwest coast of Mallorca are the seaside resorts of Bendinat and Illetes, which were still largely spared by Rummel, even in midsummer. Bendinat is one of the few resorts on the island that mass tourism, with its unpleasant consequences, has so far largely left behind despite its attractive location.

Badebucht bei Cala Major

Instead of faceless accommodation and concrete castles for mass tourists, high-quality holiday apartments and luxury hostels dominate the scenery. Dignified tranquillity in a well-groomed ambience attracts a suitably exclusive and well-clocked audience from all over the world. The world-famous and beautifully located royal golf course in the shade of a neo-Gothic castle has a significant share of this.

The complex is considered one of the most exclusive and beautiful of its kind on the Balearic island and in the immediate vicinity an exclusive and very high-class complex with comfortable penthouse apartments was built.

The items for purchase are suitable for both self-use and return purposes, have been legally secured and built in a serious project development and blend harmoniously into the diligence of this pleasantly relaxed Place.

As a holiday resort, Bendinat is more international than, for example, the peguera, which is significantly influenced by Germans, and attracts wealthy holidaymakers from Sweden and Russia, for example, and even China and the USA, and the trend is rising.

Those who go on holiday here value peace and exclusivity in the Mallorca holiday and at the same time appreciate the comfortable proximity to the island's capital Palma. The acquisition of a solid property in this place, which is still in front of it for its great time, is therefore a safe bank as an investment.


Where water sports and golf provide an increase in quality of life in summer

A little more lively with an increase in offers even for a younger audience is in neighbouring Illetas. The place is nevertheless still an insider tip and is one of the real pearls on the sunny southwest coast of the island if you are looking for the ideal location for your Mallorca property.

Especially for renting and use during the high season, Illetas is a very good choice. Booking requests from sun-hungry golfers, water sports enthusiasts and other upscale clientele especially for the summer months will increase significantly for this exclusive and definitely trendy resort, according to reliable forecasts.

In general, you should take into account the desired use in your thoughts before purchasing a Mallorca property. Do you want to live in the apartment or penthouse apartment, villa or finca yourself or do you want to rent to generate returns? Is the


Summer your priority travel and rental time or would you like to hibernate in your property? Appreciate German-influenced ambience like in Santa Ponca or Paguera

Or do you love the international flair like in Palma Nova, for example? Do you prefer a pure resort or would you like to stay in the middle of the city in Palma with a view of the world-famous cathedral? Or is it dragging you on a remote finca into the quiet hinterland? Depending on how your plans are structured, you should choose the right property to do so.


In an apartment or penthouse, gaze out over Mallorca's capital Palma

If you do not want to live in a pure resort, but in a historically grown Majorcan city, then we recommend attractive and comfortable penthouse apartments in the middle of the old town of Palma as an alternative to a holiday property by the sea. The location is ideal for those who do not want to miss out on city flair even during the Mallorca holiday and still want to quickly reach the nearby beaches of the surrounding area or on the southwest coast.

Santa Ponsa

Palma is also becoming increasingly attractive for winter holidaymakers on the Balearic island, who are too little livened by the seaside resorts on the island during these months. The bustling island capital remains attractive and lively all year round and unfolds its own magic, for example, in the run-up to Christmas or at the turn of the year.

These advantages for Mallorca holidays in winter are currently discovering more and more winter refugees from the mainland and with guests from cold Sweden, a chic penthouse with terrace in the old town of Palma is currently absolutely on trend. When buying your new Palma property with a focus on later rental, you should pay attention to one thing: Comfortable equipment and a generously designed terrace with great views are also an absolute must in Palma.


When buying property in Mallorca, consider the peculiarities of Spanish law


From a legal point of view, in principle, there are no disadvantages for EU citizens, for example from Germany, in the purchase of a property in Mallorca against Spanish buyers. The advantage for Spaniards when buying property in Mallorca: They master the language, know the mentality of their compatriots and last but not least the Spanish laws and basic book regulations.

For these are not, as the layman might wrongly think, identical across the EU, but are characterised by special features in each country. Tax legislation on real estate also differs in Spain from that in Germany and other countries. As real estate agents, we therefore work with experienced lawyers who are skilled in real estate, real estate and tax law, so that the purchase remains comprehensible to you and, above all, before and not after the conclusion of the contract.

In addition to going to the notary, access to the appropriate land registry as well as the documents at the cadastral office is highly recommended. This advice should be given all the more to buyers because, unlike the notarized certification of the purchase agreement in Spain and thus also in Mallorca, an entry in the Land Registry is not legally necessary when buying a property. Unlike in Germany, when you sign the purchase agreement, you are automatically the new legal owner with all rights and obligations.
Inherited property

If you have inherited property, you can obtain the certificate of inheritance or gift, if the provider has bought the property for its part, you insist on the presentation of a certified purchase certificate. This escritura publica de compraventa must also sign you when you buy and is the most important and alone legitimizing paper when buying a property. Of course, in the case of existing properties in Mallorca, we only provide you with objects in which the legality of the pre-possession is documented and proven.
Withdrawals from the contract of sale

A withdrawal from the contract of sale, for example in the case of defects discovered in retrospect, is only possible under difficult conditions and with a lot of legal effort. So don't sign the contract until all contentious and perhaps problematic issues have been fully resolved beforehand. Conversely, unlike in Germany, unlike in Germany, the Land Registry does not guarantee that the seller is actually the sole legitimate owner of the property.


Entry in land registry or cadastre are to be considered differentiated in Spain

In the absence of a land registry entry or any ambiguity about the property, the legitimate previous owner should be located. Nasty surprises and possible claims suddenly from the nothingness of emerging old owners or heirs can thus be avoided in advance before the purchase.

Such an approach makes sense, especially for older existing properties and partly centuries-old finca plots with a complicated history of several owner changes, land divisions and similar difficulties. So you can reliably avoid a later nasty awakening from the dream of your own Mallorca property.

Unterschrift beim Notar

Nor do the owner of the property and the property built on it necessarily have to be identical. Ancient rights of way, some of which were securitised from the Middle Ages, should also be taken into focus when buying. It is very important in all circumstances to meticulously compare the old documents and documents such as blueprints and entries in the cadastre with the data provided in the text of the contract or to have them compared by an expert.

The real, officially recorded facts do not always coincide with the contractual documents. Especially when it comes to the purchase of an old and later converted or extended and expanded finca, there can be nasty surprises when these aspects are neglected. If some details regarding the property issues, the division of the land or the right of way cannot be satisfactorily clarified and remain  "blind spots ," then it is advisable to refrain from purchasing the property if in case of doubt.


Real estate agents as well as lawyers and notaries help deal with Spanish authorities

For properties not put through their paces by experts such as qualified real estate agents, notary and solicitor before signing the contract, a pre-purchase can cost the proud new owners dearly. Size of land and buildings built on it should be recorded in a single register and contract as well as any existing outbuildings such as garage, shed or pool. In this way, you may avoid calling the authorities or other persons involved in the property who, as a buyer, unnecessarily put them on the scene from the outset. Tax repayments and corrections, if not a declaration of invalidity of the purchase agreement up to criminal proceedings may otherwise result.

When buying your dream property in Mallorca, never be guided only by your heart and passion for a particular property, but always by your mind and the advice of experts. The objects we mediate, including fincas, are guaranteed to be legally waterproof and, as the new proud owner, will give you pleasure and no hassle.

Therefore, entrust yourself and your wish for a dream property in Mallorca to a serious experts who have been successfully active on the island for more than ten years, who are experienced in Spanish real estate law and its customs.


Keep an eye on the specifics of Spanish real estate and property law

Spanish real estate and land law is no worse than, for example, German law, but in parts it is in a very different way. If you get involved in this otherness and the attendant caution when buying a property in Mallorca, the purchase process becomes a satisfying success for all sides. The deviations are based, for example, on different responsibilities of the authorities, on a different application practice in the land registers as well as on the other way in which land is handled, as well as ways and the rights and obligations to do so.


Some of these rights and obligations go back a long way to the Middle Ages of Spanish history. With new buildings not realized by experienced and reputable project developers on land not paved by special rights, as you will find numerous of them in our portfolio, you do not have to worry about such complicated details. The projects are legally waterproof in dry cloths and elaborate research at land registry and cadastral office is omitted for you as a buyer.

The situation is different for you if, for example, you buy an older finca or other object

Plan on land with a complicated past. If comprehensive preparatory work of the search before the purchase is recklessly missed, in the most unfavorable case after the conclusion of the contract, there may be problems and annoyance for you as a new owner, for example, in the setting of the property tax or the drawing of property boundaries. Come.

In order to make real no mistakes in the purchase, the time and cost involved in reviewing a Mallorca property with dubious or unsecured history is to be estimated correspondingly high. Or you can do without the problematic property and opt for a "low-maintenance" Mallorca property with complete documentation from our portfolio.


Entries in land registers and cadastres may differ widely in Spain

The effort that you or a person appointed by you should make is, especially in the case of unclear cases, two separate corridors for the Land Registry and the cadastral office. The cadastral office, also known as the surveying office in Germany, is also available in Spain and preserves an official register (cadastre; Spanish catastro) of all properties, including parcels, plots and plots.

The properties are described throughout all details, including size, development and use, and are recorded in maps in a separate part. The land register (Spanish registro de la propiedad) records, as the Spanish name is more clearly formulated than the German, ownership and legal relations in land and properties on it. The cadastre does not interest the ownership, so unlike in the Land Registry, no owners or charges such as mortgages are registered there. However, in the Spanish Land Registry, a new owner does not necessarily have to be registered by name, unlike in Germany.

The properties are described throughout all details, including size, development and use, and are recorded in maps in a separate part. The land register (Spanish registro de la propiedad) records, as the Spanish name is more clearly formulated than the German, ownership and legal relations in land and properties on it. The cadastre does not interest the ownership, so unlike in the Land Registry, no owners or charges such as mortgages are registered there. However, in the Spanish Land Registry, a new owner does not necessarily have to be registered by name, unlike in Germany.

Even when registering possible preliminary notices by creditors as well as the right of way of possible neighbors when passing through the property, there are differences, the knowledge and attention of which can save the buyer a lot of trouble. Moreover, the entries in Spanish land registers do not necessarily coincide with those in the catasters.

Thus, especially in the case of very old plots of land, which were entered in the cadastre centuries ago before parceling as huge contiguous land areas and still stand there as a unit, the authorities may be able to lead to correspondingly higher taxation. To the detriment of the new owner. The same applies to former owners who do not exist in the Land Registry and their possible heirs and their claims.

Deletions in the Land Registry, unlike in Germany, in Spain are extremely complicated to obtain and involve a considerable amount of time, money and remedies. Without the competent assistance of a lawyer in Spain, such cases can hardly be resolved satisfactorily.


Ancient feudal claims from the time of the Majorcan Middle Ages as possible cost trap

Another horse's foot when buying a finca on ancient ground and soil in Mallorca can be the so-called Alou, a feudal levy that dates back to the Middle Ages. At each sale of the land, the new owners have to pay a percentage levy at every sale of the land to the noble descendants of the original owners of the former owners of the once generously distributed land at their request.

Although the assertion of the claims by the noble families is now difficult by law and not everyone insists on it, the Alou still exists, is also demanded in individual cases and is even part of Spanish civil law.

Although the assertion of the claims by the noble families is now difficult by law and not everyone insists on it, the Alou still exists, is also demanded in individual cases and is even part of Spanish civil law.

What at first glance seems like a curious throwback to the dark Middle Ages, with its not necessarily fair legal system, is simply a legal fact for the Spanish authorities and courts in an emergency. So if you discover such a feudal Majorcan primal owner with claims for a levy by you as a new owner in your research, you have the choice: Either you pay the requested Alou or otherwise decide.

If in doubt, it is always advisable to refrain from such troubled Mallorca properties, even if they are still so romantically located, fantastically beautiful and also cheap in price.

Weighing the pros and cons with care in individual cases before buying a property

Anything that cannot be elucidated or satisfactorily solved for the buyer when buying a property in Mallorca beforehand should be an argument for the non-purchase: Because the first pleasure rush about the acquisition of the  "bargain " can subsequently turn into Katzenjammer Transform over a million-dollar grave and disaster without end.

With a low-maintenance and legally waterproof property, as well as property looked after by experienced real estate agents, you are on the safe side as a buyer, sparing yourself unnecessary worries and hassles. Because a "dream finca " complained with unexpected control load and legal quarrels  is hardly suitable as a holiday or old-age retirement and certainly not as a lucrative investment.

Therefore, always weigh the pros and cons of a holiday property on your dream island before deciding to buy. Even if the offer is still so tempting:  "The deed is short, the remorse is long ." Rather check carefully and trust an expert so that the joy of the object lasts all the longer.


Also put the offers through their paces when acquiring new buildings in Mallorca

You don't want to buy an ancient finca or a modernized apartment in a historic building, but a modern apartment, a chic new semi-detached house or luxury penthouse apartment in Mallorca?

Even then, don't take the purchase lightly and heed some advice beforehand. In any case, in all offers the supplier-broker or entowner, for new buildings, for example of plants also project developers and builders-must be looked at very closely and checked for its respectability. Unfortunately, the excellent speculative possibilities with real estate in Mallorca always attract black sheep to the scene, which do not take it so closely with the Spanish laws.


„Gerade bei ausgezeichneten Spekulationsmöglichkeiten ist äußerste Vorsicht geboten.“


Extreme caution is required here, so that you do not fall into an insurmountable trap and only free yourself from it with losses. So  "wild building " in the gold mining period on the Balearic island in the 1960s and 1970s was more of a rule than an exception and the authorities frequently blind on both eyes. Many ugly concrete behemoths and properties built the sea room or other problematic places would hardly get a permit in this form today.

The rules of the game when building holiday properties as an investment in Mallorca have become stricter, with an increased value as a positive effect. You, as a buyer, also benefit significantly from this.


Mallorca on the way from mass tourism to sustainability with a sense of proportion

Mallorca is successfully on its way from cheap construction for the masses to turn train to sustainable tourism with a corresponding building policy. In plain language, this means that builders can no longer build on their whim, but have to comply with increasingly strict requirements.

In any case, the municipality has the last words, and commune interested in a reorientation towards high quality, environmental protection and quality of life, such as Calvià, takes this claim very seriously and consciously exploits its possibilities. Construction speculators and black buildings are thus put forward by a legal and official stop, and with increasing success. Therefore, when it comes to a new construction project, which you want to enter as the buyer of a property, be sure whether there is a certificate of habitability and a construction acceptance by the municipality. If you have any doubts about this, or if you cannot be presented with such papers, you should withdraw from your intention to buy as a precaution.

With the new buildings we have brokered, you are not taking any risks and receive a properly approved and neatly accepted object. Please trust in our many years of experience as real estate agents and our well-connected serious work in arranging high-quality apartments, penthouse apartments and houses.


What to consider when buying an apartment in a communal complex

One way to buy a property in Mallorca is to buy a cheap apartment from a previous owner. Here, too, before signing the contract and thus changing ownership, a review is highly advisable in order to counteract unpleasant surprises.

If this is partial ownership within a multi-owner community complex, you should check the seriousness of the previous owner. If the old owner has not or not paid sufficiently his due contributions to the residential owner community, a mountain of debt may wait for you as a legal successor unaudited.

Also, the condition of the apartment you should check thoroughly for example for renovation backlog as well as condition of windows and heating. The latter point is important if you want to use or rent out the apartment reliably and comfortably even on cooler winter days.

If you do not want to clarify and research all these things on your own, then please leave the work to the experienced experts for real estate in Mallorca. As your competent and fair and honest real estate agent Illetas, we advise you on all questions relating to holiday properties of any size in Mallorca and inform you comprehensively and comprehensibly about the costs that are to be paid to you.

When buying your dream property in Mallorca, leave nothing to chance and rely on our professional skills in the safe placement of apartment, penthouse apartment or villa and finca custom-made. The signs of a Mallorca boom with whopping growth rates have never been as favorable as they are today.


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Buy Mallorca real estate now?
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A property in Mallorca

A private apartment or a residential building on the sunny island of Mallorca not only means a high quality of life for the owners, but is also increasingly suitable as an attractive investment.


Why buying makes sense now!

Especially in Mallorca there are many reasons for buying a property:

Nothing has changed about the foundations of Mallorca. They apply continuously

300 days of sunshine a year
    Quick access from domestic airports in Germany

These are reasons why about 4 million Germans visit the island every year. The idea of a really down-to-earth investment matures in so many of the holidaymakers ' minds. Wouldn't it be nice to start your own domicile instead of fighting with all sorts of adversity in hotels or private accommodation.

In the ongoing phase of low interest rates, everything speaks to a purchase of a Mallorca property. Likewise, the high share prices and the fall in prices due to the economic crisis. On the mainland more than in the Balearic Islands.


A house in Mallorca is the perfect facility

The buyer can now buy a Mallorca property more cheaply than before and benefits from high economic growth (about 3%) In Spain, which is a "European model pupil" compared to other countries.

The international buyer layer is growing

The days when the island was firmly in German hands are largely over. In recent times, the demand of prospective buyers with so-called "golden visas" has been steadily increasing. Chinese, Russians and Americans are showing great interest in the island. One in three real estate purchases in Mallorca is made by such a buyer.


This has great significance for the Mallorca property as a value investment.

The risk of an economic crisis is reduced by the different nationalities.
Tourism is booming. About 10 million holidaymakers speak for themselves.

There is a clear trend, away from the hotels and facilities and prefer to spend the holidays in private property. In addition, many destinations are cancelled because of the current crisis situation and terrorist attacks.

The owners of Mallorca Real Estate benefit from this. Whether renting or self-interest. The market value of its property is constantly increasing as a result of this development.


The clear conclusion:

The best conditions for the purchase of a Mallorca property are currently: Prices are favourable, international demand is increasing and the steady performance is high. And quite honestly ... Mallorca is just gorgeous.


So, why are you still waiting?   wink