Preferred regions to live on the sunny island of Mallorca

Cala Murada

Blick auf Cala Murada

Cala Murada

When you hear this name, you connect it to a place far away from mass tourism and crystal clear water in the idyllic bay. In Cala Murada it is possible to experience quite relaxed beach holidays on Mallorca's east coast.
Cala Murada also has a remarkable history. There are excavations that go back to the Bronze Age. From this period also comes the Cova de la Cala Murada, a cave worth seeing, which was carved into the rock by the inhabitants of that time with simple tools.

Today, Cala Murada is above all a quiet holiday home, which is particularly popular with German holidaymakers and those who want to stay longer. Not least because the sandy beach is well protected and is particularly suitable for families with small children.



Bahia de Cala Murada
Residencial Cala Murada
Fotógrafo von Cala Murada

Apartments and houses in popular residential complexes are popular with many German visitors. Many choose to buy a house or apartment right there. The facilities in Cala Murada have a solid construction and well-kept plots. Meanwhile, 70% of homeowners are Germans. Not least because of how the place is also considered absolutely safe.

The purchases can be done in nearby Manacor, whose municipality includes Cala Murada. The shops in Cala Murada itself offer a small basic supply of food.


What else does Cala Murada offer except the beach with crystal clear waters?


There is, of course, a wide range of water sports. You can swim and snorkel at the mysterious caves and small bays. Also a paradise for all diving enthusiasts.

The area around Cala Murada is very rural and invites you to go hiking and cycling. Or just to pause, forget the time and listen to the chants of the birds.


Cala Murada – a quiet place in the middle of nature on the charming east coast of Mallorca.



Son Verí Nou


A small place that promises tranquility and tranquility, in the crystal clear sea

Son Veri Nou has a quiet urbanization east of the Arenal and has so far been free dissured from mass tourism. It belongs to nearby Llucmajor, which also has a decent selection of cafes and shops and, not least, the weekly markets that take place every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

On the seaside promenade of Son Veri Nou, magnificent villas settled in the 1 million and million double digits, including some remarkable designer villas. Almost all farms have a very large plot of land, which guarantees long distances to the neighborhood.

Buy a property in son Veri Nou

In addition, there are medium-style apartments and spacious townhomes that blend harmoniously into the location. There are small restaurants, a school, two banks, a sports facility and a supermarket.  Medical care is well guaranteed at the nearby "Clinic Balear" and the settlement, where many German residents have found their home, can be enjoyed by a German dentist.

It is worth a trip to the viewpoint on the seafront with unique views of the bay of Palma and the Sierra de Tramuntana. However, the rocky coast also offers direct access to the blue sea in many places. An Eldorado for swimmers and divers who have much to discover in crystal clear sea water. A round with stand-up paddle promises relaxation at the highest level. Just outside the Marina of the Arenal, a cozy little sandy beach is presented, where you can still enjoy the uninterrupted sun of Ballermann and Co.

The Maioris Golf Course, founded in 2006, and the two 18-hole "Son Antem" golf courses are just a 5-minute drive away.

The marina el Arenal is the border with the quiet, natural and somewhat elevated settlement of the Villa de son Veri Nou. The port and the party mile can be reached by bike or on foot in a few minutes from the son Veri Nou.

The Arenal. Increased value of real estate.

Makeover, in a region formed by mass tourism for years.

It is well known that Arenal will experience significant appreciation. Playa de Palma is currently undergoing a transformation to a luxury residential location with exclusive dining and 4-5 star hotels.  With this change, real estate prices in this region will also experience a real rush. Property experts expect price levels to rise substantially in the coming years.

The sandy Mallorca improves the region

After forecasts, now is a good time to invest in real estate in and around Arenal. Currently, for high quality homes with sea views
About 4900,00 EUR paid per square meter. For Villas in the vicinity of Playa de Palma, depending on the location and equipment from a purchase price of EUR 500,000.00. Upwards open.

However, this region of Mallorca remains at an acceptable level in terms of real estate prices. In the course of the makeover, however, this will be significantly corrected at the top.



Most beautiful beaches Mallorca

Schönste Strände Mallorca

The beaches of Mallorca and Mallorca as a holiday destination

Every year, Mallorca is visited by almost 10 million people, most of whom spend much of their time on a beach. The Balearic island has a coastline of more than 550 kilometers, where numerous dreamy beaches are waiting to be discovered. However, the beaches of the island can differ greatly in nature and appearance, which really does for each type of holiday.

Travelers who portray the island as a place of bed castles, tourists ballerman or low-cost holidays have often not been there themselves or seen little of Mallorca. In addition to the countless beaches, the island has many other attractions, including the inland, mountains, famous Mallorcan estates and windmills.

Most tourists can reach the Balearic island by plane. From Germany, the flight time is not three hours. In addition, more and more low-cost airlines have the island on offer, meaning tourists can fly to Mallorca for little money. The local language is Spanish. However, since the Balearic island is visited by many German tourists and many Germans have settled there, one hears German in many corners.

With the beginning of tourism development in the 1960s and 1970s, conurbations for tourists were established on the east coast, in the northeast and around Palma de Mallorca. These met the requirements of many beach tourists looking for accommodation near the beach. In addition, there was a wide range of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and water activities. In resorts, such as S' Arenal, Cala Millor Magaluf, many speak the mother tongue of their vacationers. Numerous restaurants offer visitors not only Spanish dishes, but also Schnitzel with chips or curry sauce.
However, Mallorca is also the island of the tourists of the party, to which solemn groups of friends, bachelor parties or football clubs travel. It is held as if the Munich Oktoberfest and the carnival were taking place at the same time. However, the seventeenth state of Germany is not only composed of the fun factor, but has much more to offer.

Travel time for Mallorca

The seasons of Mallorca are clearly steep and the temperatures of the respective months are very different from each other. The warmest months of July and August have temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius during the day and about 20 degrees Celsius at night. From December to February they are cooler with average temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius during the day and seven degrees Celsius at night.

The choice of the best time to travel for a holiday in Mallorca depends on the activities planned. Travelers for a beach holiday on the island's beautiful beaches and bays should choose the months of July to September. The water temperature during these months is at least 21 degrees Celsius. In September, the water can even be temperatures up to 25 degrees Celsius.

The most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

Despite the great diversity of Mallorquas beaches, there are types of beaches, which are more common and can sometimes be assigned to a certain region of the island.
At the southern end of the island around the capital Palma, in the east near Cala Millor and in the bay of Alcudia in the north, there are kilometers of long and quite wide beaches of fine and light sand. Tourists can easily enter the water on these beaches, which is especially appreciated by parents with young children. Often these beaches are clean even without stones in the water and due to daily cleaning. Other highlights include the many bays, the coves. These are caused by storm currents that have eaten in coastal rocks. As a result, sandy beaches of different sizes were formed in these places, which were framed by rocks on the left and right. These bays are mostly protected by wind.
The most beautiful beaches in Mallorca with Hotel

The people of Mallorcareiend are spoiled for the option when looking for accommodation. Hundreds of hotels and countless beaches and bays invite you to sunbathe. However, it is important to know what to expect from your holiday resort in Mallorca. Do you like silence or even isolated? Then the hotels near Alcudia come into doubt. If you are looking for entertainment nearby, you can look for a hotel in Playa de Palma, Cala Millor or Cala Ratjada.
Isolated beaches Mallorca

It is true that there are some well-known resorts on the east coast. However, here there are also solitary coves with clear water. The Natural Park of Mondrago, for example, is a true paradise, where the dunes alternate with cliffs and forests. Beaches like Cala Mondrago with its s' Amarador bay are less well known, but still have a clear sand and crystal clear waters. South of Porto Christo is Cala Anguila, which offers visitors a picturesque and idyllic image.
The most beautiful places in Mallorca in the east

Many say the most beautiful beaches on the island are on the east coast. There are countless small bays with beautiful beaches, many of which are family friendly and have very fine sand and good infrastructure. That's why many of the most popular resorts are found here, too. On the east coast stand out Cala Millor beach, beach of ses Fonts of N' Alis and beach of Sa Coma. All these beaches are especially popular with families. There are also other beaches in its surroundings where visitors will find unspoiled nature and retreats.

The small bay of Cala Sa Nau is surrounded by forests and cliffs. Cala Sa Nau is mainly known for its beach parties and is considered a privileged tip among locals.

The bay of Cala Verques is another of the most remote from all tourist flows. It is located right outside and is barely accessible by car. Tourists will find a white sandy beach with a Caribbean twist and a paradisiacal nature. Even several side bays are not crowded due to their secluded location.
The most beautiful beaches in Mallorca in the south



The most beautiful beaches in Mallorca in the south

In the south of the island, other dreamy beaches await its visitors. Three longer sandy beaches are located south of Colonia Sant Jordi, surrounded by dune landscapes and dense pine forests.

In the south of Magaluf there are several bays, the Vells Portals. These beach sections are called "triple bay" and offer visitors not only swimming, but also snorkeling and jet skiing. In the neighborhood of Portals Vells is the beach the magician. It was there that the film of the same name, starring Anthony Quinn, Michael Caine and Candice Bergen, was made in 1967. It is also home to the most famous nudist beach in Mallorca.

One of the most famous stretches of beach in the south of Mallorca is Trenc. It extends for six kilometers and has a fine white sand with light turquoise water. In addition, there is a beautiful landscape of dunes.

Visitors can relax on the 200-metre-long sandy beach of Cala en Tugores, as this section is almost intact. Cala Pi Bay is located right next to the village of the same name. The coast runs like a fjord in the sea and is embedded in the overcultivated rock walls.
Beaches in the west of Mallorca

To the west, Cala Tuent is home to a remote natural beach. The bay is known for its clear and clean water. However, it is not particularly suitable for swimming, as some very strong currents prevail here.
Beaches north and northeast

In the north of the island halfway to Cap Formentor is Cala Pi, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. The beach has a great location and is located in the bay of Pollenca. It is surrounded by pine forests and also has a fine white sand.

Cala figura is one of the many smaller bays in the north of Mallorca. Away from the hustle and bustle of the masses, tourists can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the bay waves, while still relaxing on the white sand.

Cala Torta is a slightly larger bay with thick sand and estonier. As the bay falls into the sea a little faster, it is not as popular. However, nudists are tolerated here, so friends of free body culture get their money. Next to it is worth a short walk, because the bay is in a beautiful setting with hills and trees. The smaller bays nearby Cala Mitjana and Cala Estreta also offer relaxation in harmony with nature.

Athletes get the value of their money in Wall Platja. Here you can sail, Banana Boat, surf diving volleyball and much more. The beach is especially suitable for children due to its shallow and clear water.
Beaches of Mallorca nudista
Nudist friends can follow in many places of free-body culture in Mallorca. However, they must take into account the usual customs there. In addition to the officially designated nudist areas, bare bathing paradises have been established on several beaches. Trenc is one of the most popular of its kind in Mallorca and is also officially announced as such.

Discover almost unspoilt and deserted bays with crystal clear water and fine sandy beach. Rugged coastlines, steep cliffs in all shades of sparkling water blue. Stunning views of the small islands, and magnificent sand dunes. These still exist today on the sunny island of Mallorca.



Inca Market Mallorca

Inca – Markt Mallorca


The most beautiful market in Mallorca

With a population of more than 30,000, Inca is not only the third largest city in Mallorca, Inca is mainly the Mallorcan way of life. But what is so special about this attitude towards life that invades all people when they visit the interior? Maybe it's the mild Mediterranean climate, maybe serenity in everyday life as well?

Is it the feeling of being able to enjoy the moment in the shade of a tree? Are the beautiful squares framed by bright, friendly-looking houses, the beautiful alleys with their small shops and boutiques?
Inca offers everything.

Inca - sunny city that has it all

Many tourists, who know the name of the city only signs, as on the route to Alcúdia, rarely feel the need to turn and take a look at Inca. And every time they're glad they've ventured this little getaway.

Inca is the leather capital of the island. Everywhere you will find shops with leather goods. And not by chance, because this city has a centuries-old tradition of shoe making. And it is precisely this tradition that forms the philosophy of the place.

Everything seems reinful, creative, focused and harmonious. Every bench, lantern and café, are set randomly in the charming and compact old town, seems to be exactly where it belongs. You can easily find your way around this old town and not only feel safe in one of the cozy winery restaurants. Inca is well-being.

If more and more people want to buy a farm in Mallorca anyway, it is not surprising that Inca has become an Insider Council. And also for people who are interested in an apartment in Mallorca, Inca is an excellent choice.

In Inca, they can live and enjoy life

In addition to this southern style, the pleasant climate, the Mallorcan lifestyle, Inca offers you everything you need for your daily life.

Of course, the infrastructure is mature, basic services are insured and, above all, health care is reliable. Everywhere you will find shops that sell items for daily needs. And if you now have a real estate agent in Mallorca on hand to help you find the right home for you, what else prevents you from making your dream come true?

Weekly market Mallorca

Have you heard of the market that takes place every Thursday in Inca? It is the largest market in Mallorca outdoors. From all the places and corners of the island, traders come to Inca for the occasion and offer their true.

Then the market stalls permeate the entire historic center of the city and the colorful splendor of the exhibits attracts many locals, as well as tourists who can take advantage of the wide range of products on offer.

For a better overview, the stands are divided into so-called thematic markets. You will find organic farmers from the region centrally in front of the market hall, the traditional farmers market with its animal show located on Sant Francesc street and the great attraction for which this city became famous, the crafts with ceramic and leather products, has been a separate area with thirty stalls.

In this whole market you will get something to eat and drink. Every Thursday, the little paradise of Inca is transformed into the larvae and wonderland of Mallorca!


Living in Mallorca-living in Inca

There are many real estate properties in Mallorca. Some are in the center of the resorts, some are very lonely. These, too, find their followers and therefore have quite right.

An apartment or house in Inca is something special. It is for young people and also for the elderly not only an investment of value, not only the shortest way to the beach, not only the yearning for peace-a property in Inca is the future.

It's easy to get to Mallorca

Despite the financial crisis, or especially because of it, Mallorca remains one of the most sought-after housing markets for German buyers. It also follows that competition has made this market very reliable for buyers.

There are no restrictions on EU citizens in the oblist of a property in Mallorca. The protection of property is guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution and EU citizens naturally have the same rights as all citizens of Spain.

Of course, these rights are accompanied by obligations, but they do not make much difference from those of the whole of Europe. Taxes must be paid everywhere. Buy a house in Mallorca? No problem! An experienced German real estate agent in Mallorca will be happy and competent to assist you

No matter what-your-wishes can be fulfilled

For you as a lead and buyer, the biggest problem is ultimately just spoiled for the option. You are aware of your financial options. Now it's a matter of finding a property tailored to you. And this in the best value for money possible.

Would you like an apartment in Mallorca? Should it be at ground level or offer a wonderful view from an upper floor? Perhaps a romantic view of the landscape, or rather a contact closer to the daily life of the Mallorcans?

Do you need several rooms, a large kitchen to feel good, since it corresponds to the Mallorcan way of life? Anything is possible with the great offer. But don't go looking for yourself. Talk to a real estate agent in Mallorca who knows your way and can show you a selection in advance.

Even with houses in Mallorca, the offer is very large. It extends from luxurious cottages with its own park and large swimming pool to a small estate where you can live comfortably and comfortably.

No matter which objects are right for you – Inca is a wonderful place to make your dreams come true.

The typical Southern serenity still reflects the dream Mediterranean villa in the countryside. But even the smallest buildings in their natural pastel colors, which integrate so harmoniously into the cool landscape or so playfully elegant fit the sunny urban landscape, are also charming retreats.

If you would like to live in sunny south, you are as well advised with an apartment in Inca as you are with a home. The doors of the inhabitants of this idyllic city are open to all. You'll never be helpless when you have questions.

Inca Market parking

An open ear, tolerance, hospitality and kindness are part of life in Inca. Immerse yourself in this style of sunny architecture, Mediterranean culture and Mallorcan way of life. With a property in Mallorca and in a manageable village that offers you everything you want to live. Parking is available on the main and side streets.



The southwest of Mallorca

Der Südwesten von Mallorca

The southwest of Mallorca-living where others go on holiday

For a long time, the largest island of the Balearic Islands has been a magnet for many tourists and also migrants. The island is a highly sought after destination for both families and celebrities. Mallorca, with its many and very different facets, offers something interesting and fascinating for every visitor and resident.

The southwest of Mallorca extends approximately from the Arenal and Can pill over the fishing villages of Molinar and Portitxol and finally the capital of the island of Palma to the western end of the island, Sant Elm with its offshore island of Sa Dragonera , Dragon Island, That's now a nature reserve.
General and history of Mallorca

The sea was then and remained one of the most important ways to communicate and negotiate. As a result, the islands settled very early. The history of Mallorca dates back to 4000 B.C., some of which even have records that assume a still earlier settlement.

Even today, the remains of early settlement in the area of Pollenca and Alcudia (northeast) can still be seen on the island.

Mallorca belongs to Spain, but forms an autonomous community with Pityusen. It is the seventh largest island in the Mediterranean. In addition to Spanish, Catalan is spoken in Mallorca.

Mallorca has a subtropical climate all year round. Winters are short-lived and mostly mild and humid. In spring, the island awakens to a new life. The almond flower bía in a completely different light. In summer, almost any rain falls and temperatures are 27 and 30 degrees. Indoors, it can also be heated up to 40 degrees due to lack of winds.


Mallorca's infrastructure and economy

Mallorca lives mainly in tourism. The island has been reached by air since 1916. Palma de Mallorca Airport is designed for just under 40 million passengers and is one of the busiest airports in Europe during the summer months.

In addition, there is the Son Bonet airfield, which is mainly used by civil aviation. The airport is located about 4 kilometers northeast of Palma and is the location of a flight school and a helicopter squadron. It also houses the numerous firefighting aircraft used to fight forest fires.

With a total of 43 port facilities, Mallorca offers a possible mooring to all other owners of yachts and sports boats, in addition to the cruise, which sails through the port of Palma.

In recent years, Mallorca has also invested a large amount of financial resources in the expansion of roads. The different island regions can be reached via well-developed highways and country roads.

As an industry, the island also uses the construction, agriculture and fishing industry, as well as tourism. Marble mining and leather, ceramic and glass processing also guarantee the safe economy of the island.



Hotel Mallorca southwest

The numbers of visitors as well as the population numbers of the island have steadily increased in recent years. With more than 95%, tourists travel by plane. In addition to the many hotel complexes, such as those found in the Ballermann (S'Arenal) party mile, tourists also have fantastic estates and holiday apartments at their disposal.

The southwest in particular is characterized by its exceptional real estate properties. Money often doesn't matter much here. Or in other words, whoever has it shows it. A "buy a house in Mallorca" is on the list to make with many rich people. But also in the capital Palma very nice apartments are offered for purchase or as a permanent rental property. The market is large and financially there are no up limits. Real estate agents in Mallorca can therefore make very good and often tailored offers to their clients.
Beaches and ports in the southwest of Mallorca

In the east of Palma, water sports enthusiasts can leave steam on the fine sandy beaches. Can pill and Portixol are adjacent to the ballerman inhabited by mass tourism. However, things are already much quieter here. Small restaurants and bars of the port invite you to stay.

The "Club Nautico Portixol", for example, is a small marina with about 280 bunk beds. It is very popular with sailors and offers a very pleasant, adjacent walk. As in any "Club Nautico Portixol", you can also eat typical local and freshly caught dishes.

To the west of Palma de Mallorca begins the rugged coast and you can clearly feel the beginning of the Tramuntana mountain range. Illetes, Palmanova, Magaluf or Portals Vells have smaller bays that still offer sandy beaches. Large hotel complexes are now significantly less to find.

The luxury port of Portals Nous already shows a taste of which regions venture west. One yacht is prettier and bigger than the other. On the harbour are truly floating "luxury apartments". The port is always worth a visit.

Further west, the region is linked by Santa Ponca and Port d'Andratx. Again and again there are smaller sandy beaches, which are interrupted by the steep cliffs.

From Andratx we go to the Serra de Tramuntana, where the sandy beaches are farewelled forever.


Southwestern destination of Mallorca

Water sports and golf are undoubtedly leisure activities for luxury society. The island offers a total of 24 magnificent golf courses, 21 of which are freely accessible to all players against Green Fee. Eight facilities are located in the southwest, including three facilities around Santa Ponca alone.

Water sports are possible everywhere and for everyone. If you have the small money you need, you have your yacht thrown directly at the gate port.

But there is also much to do in the direction of the interior of the island. Numerous hiking trails in the Serra de Tramuntana, as well as mountain biking routes lead you to picturesque and partially listed villages such as Galilee or Puigpunyent.

Otherwise, Mallorca is known for road cycling in the spring. Large hotel complexes offer their guests rental equipment upon request.
If you want to join the house and the sea in Mallorca or prefer to buy one of the central apartments of Mallorca, you should study the real estate market and have an idea of the location and the surroundings on site. Is this supposed to be the house or apartment by the sea? Or how about a property that is only in the third or fourth row, but offers a beautiful sea view?

Tips for the southwest of Mallorca

German real estate agents in Mallorca are also happy to help you here. Real estate is constantly changing its owners and the construction industry is constantly creating new dream objects that can shine with a direct location by the sea or stunning views of the second row sea.



Immobilien in Calviá Mallorca
Immobilien in calvia mallorca

Calviá here, buying a property is worth it

Enchanting nature and diverse cultural offerings, coastal rocky swathes, extensive forest areas and a high recreational factor: the city of Calvia in the west of Mallorca has ceased to be a point of Insider. It is located to the west of the famous city of Palma and is the center of the calvia region. While the region is very popular and heavily influenced by tourists, the place itself is quite quiet and quiet. It is not surprising that many want to buy an estate in Mallorca or another property to settle in Calvia.

The city has about 2,000 inhabitants and is conveniently located in terms of transportation, as the airport is not too far away. Calviá is surrounded by beautiful nature. In the south there are endless coastlines with an impressive rocky landscape, in the south and north large forest areas invite you to walk and relax. If you want to buy a house in Mallorca, Calvia will find a quiet city with a good infrastructure for leisure activities.

St Joan Baptist Church

Those who are culturally interested can visit the public library or visit the church of San Joan Baptista, which was built as early as the thirteenth century. The church was built in a neo-Gothic style and stands out for its exceptionally large church windows. These are beautifully painted. The Town Hall is also nearby.

The Town Hall is particularly worth seeing because on its facade the history of the city can be seen in painted paintings. Those who love Spanish life will find typical Spanish shops in the city, which invite you to take a walk far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In between, it's always a good idea to take a break in a small Spanish café and have a little snack.

Life on the island

Calvia is just a 20-minute drive west of Palma. Located between the holiday resorts of Santa posa, Palma Nova, Magaluf and Paguera, the city is an ideal starting point for trips to the resorts of the island. Many of those who are interested in real estate Mallorca find what they are looking for in Calvia. The small town reflects Mallorcan life because it is manageable and therefore personal. The city is considered thriving, which can be seen in the magnificent mansions and other historic buildings in the city center.

With a picturesque location, these houses give a wonderful cityscape. Despite their wealth, Spaniards are considered very humble and friendly people and like to integrate immigrants. The weekly market in Calvia, which is always held on Mondays and attracts people from all over the region, is part of typical everyday life. It is worth a visit mainly because there are many Mallorcan foods here.


High recreational value

Active people love Calvia because the city is surrounded by beautiful scenery and pristine nature. More than 100 kilometers of land and forest trails lead through the region, which is surrounded by the famous Tramuntana Mountains. Guests can enjoy hiking and recreation. There is a wide range of sports facilities with sports facilities and an indoor swimming pool, which is used.

Or you can buy a Mallorca estate, a villa or a nice apartment and settle on this beautiful island. In the middle of forests, mountains, carob trees and almond trees and always close to the beach, most people quickly feel at home.

In this region you can discover many native plants. These include, for example, the well-known aleppo pines. Of course, they are also the beautiful cliffs and clean sandy beaches that provide variety and offer people around the world a great recreational factor.

This includes several water sports. The beach can be used extensively, because in Calvia and the surrounding area the sun shines up to 300 hours a year. For many people, this is precisely the decisive reason to buy an apartment in Mallorca on the Balearic island.

Why buy a house in Calvia?

Majorcans are distinguished by modesty and kindness. They are cordial hosts who celebrate Mallorcan cuisine in a simple and descending way and present it with great warmth. It is an issue, of course, that Spaniards regularly invite their neighbors and friends. If you want to buy a farm in Mallorca here, you are well advised to contact experienced real estate agents. Because the houses in Mallorca are in high demand.

But also artisans and artists from all over the region come to the city to offer their goods. The market is also well known for leather goods and leather shoes. Those who love life also cannot move through the great Spanish festivals. The most famous festival is the Rei festival in Jaume, which is held in Santa Ponsa.

Since 1929, this festival has been commemorated by Jaume I, the Spanish conqueror. Every year, however, there are also a number of church festivals, which are also held in Calvia. In addition, it is part of the Spanish lifestyle to meet with family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances for a party. If there is no celebration, you can visit a Spanish bar with live music.



Verdict-home buy Mallorca, only with a real estate agent

Anyone interested in real estate in Mallorca should contact a qualified real estate agent in Mallorca. You have experience and insider tips in the region and real estate, if you are interested in a Mallorcaapartment or want to buy a house. Real estate agents are at your disposal to advise you as partners if you want to buy a Mallorca estate and decide to move your centre of gravity to the island of the sun.

They know the prices of the market and find the right object for all stakeholders, because they know the local people and have excellent contacts. The range ranges from idyllic cottages, apartments and urban apartments to luxurious villas. In addition, real estate agents help with all the administrative procedures that are necessary to buy a property.

One of the most popular and searched regions at the moment is the region of Calvia and its city of the same name. Calviá here, buying a property is worth it



Buy a Property in Illetas
Immobilien Mallorca kaufen

In the search for real estate in the village of Illetas (also SES Illetas) you will find a quiet natural landscape. Illetas is known for its tranquility and exclusivity, especially so cackling. And this is an important ingredient for rich people, even those who want to spend less, an exclusive neighborhood is guaranteed.

Illetas has a wonderful beach. Some exclusive hotels offer guests shelter from too much tourism, there is also a very good hotel that offers adults only, which means that children under 16 years old are not welcome. You rely on rest and relaxation.

But if you want to settle in Illetas (also Illetes) not in a hotel, but for longer, you are well advised to take a look at the local real estate market. Would you also like to have an apartment in 1. The sea line, it is advisable to restrict and save the choice a little.

Apartments on the 1st line of the sea in Illetas

This type of apartment and the cost of an apartment are of course based on size. Since Illetas is close to Palma, you can also buy everything for an effortless relaxing stay, which is no problem at all. The real estate market in Illetas is very clear and does not give experienced buyers a good overview. Admission to beach clubs is also generally part of the apartments on the seafront in Illetas.

Legal general to buy a property in Mallorca

The right to buy in Spain, or the purchase of a property in Spain, differs considerably from that of residual Europe. Cooperation with authorities and lawyers is part of the agreement on real estate purchases, and many real estate mediating companies also offer legal help to deal with these institutions. After the purchase of a property, taxes and fees are also incurred in Mallorca, as is customary in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
When buying an individual, these are:

Basic ITP advertising tax

The tax on the growth of the common value
        Property tax
        Income tax
        Wealth tax

This should be taken into account when buying a property in Mallorca, as otherwise it is not legally valid. Across Spain, it is often customary to insert properties that are purchased in a company. Therefore, in general terms, there are slightly different rules than in Central Europe, but this is not supposed to be an obstacle to buying a property.

It's just a little longer and more elaborate. By the way, the company is specifically founded in order to be able to register the property.

The important questions to be faced with a real estate purchase in Mallorca are:

Can and can a plot of land be grown?
    Is there a limited property right in the property?
    What are the basic properties of the property in the cadastral office?
    Is the building legalized? Are you under inventory protection?

If the sale is made by a legal entity, many things have to be considered again, which are not really a problem in Germany, Austria or even Switzerland. Because a legal entity also needs sales taxes, clothing taxes, stamp duty, and land acquisition (the latter if it is a company).

In addition to all these taxes, which have to be declared, there are also ancillary purchase costs.
These ancillary purchase costs refer to:

  •         Legalization costs
            Lawyer's expenses
            Costs of tax advisers
            Notary expenses
            Property registration costs

    But all this, of course, is not intended to deter anyone from buying a property in Spain. It is only additional expenses that can certainly be managed with a persistence.

    In Illetas itself, there are oasis of tranquility waiting to be used by different travelers. Welfare areas for stress-affected workers can also be found everywhere.
    Illetas and its real estate world are easy to explore. Or you go in search of your dream property by bus, car or caddie.

    A home purchase in Illetas

    If you are planning a home purchase in this beautiful area of Mallorca, you should be sure that it will certainly not be the one or the only one who has taken a look at a house. A large number of applicants come to a house in Mallorca, which means it is worth making an appointment with the trusted broker as soon as possible if you are interested in a particular home.

    Whether loft or beautiful villa, often built in the old style. Illetas has a lot to offer for those looking for peace and quiet. Ancient villas with Roman figures are not uncommon in the beautiful Illetas. Whether you are looking for modern luxury with the splendor of the Mediterranean or are also interested in ancient treasures with a meandering designer pool. Those who turn to their corridor like to get the true treasures of the Illetas shown.

    Also very nice villas in farm-style (somewhat rustic-rural) are available in a large number in Illetas. Beach houses can also be easily found. In the best beach location, there will be something cramped in Illetas, but this is not surprising.

    Many customers have already discovered the individual beauty of this area for themselves and are reluctant to share... But if you ask in depth, you will surely be able to make great deals that travelers will only deal with. But you have the privilege of being able to see it exclusively, which houses are among the most beautiful in Illetas. Buyback at Illetas is not complicated.



Buy an apartment in Illetas

The apartments are definitely around a few more in Illetas, but even these are very sought after. Both brokers and buyers alike. If you want to visit an apartment in Illetas, you will definitely encounter one of the most beautiful sea views on the whole island and will be immediately excited by the wonderful Ambient. because many of the apartments are as comfortable as they are beautifully furnished, and they have everything you need to live and much more luxury.

The apartments in Illetas are also not expensive beyond the measure, which means that they are still affordable and have a comfort, as you know about luxury Spain. Dahler & Company also offers numerous life opportunities in Illetas, where you can get a very good image of the beautiful area of the island of Mallorca. For the purchase of an apartment in Illetas, they offer brokers and confidants who have known the real estate market for a long time and of course can advise you in detail with dedication.

Because, as the creed says: a purchase of property, even in Illetas, is a matter of trust and must be accompanied by professionals. At the brokerage offices, you'll find the right people you need, who are useful if you're planning a property purchase in Illetas and want to put it into action.

A real estate agent based in Mallorca is also very knowledgeable and well versed in spanish construction law and purchase, which means for you as a buyer you don't have to worry, because you definitely have someone (who also-a Important detail In the strip – speak German and Spanish for sure) at your side.

Illetas is an idyllic place away from the great tourism. The evils of sangria are certainly sought in vain here, so many of those seeking peace and quiet, including entrepreneurs, business managers and frequent flyers or travelers want to settle here. They're all looking for properties in Illetas.

In advertising terms, Illetas is described as an ideal place for those who want to get as close as possible to cold water, and are very suitable for those who want to settle near the Mallorcan capital Palma. In short, for all those who seek comfort, but also enjoy much of the seclusion offered by a small but fine village.

To settle down, Illetas is one of the most beautiful places, because once the area was a pure place "Villas", where only the rich settled and their infrastructure got in the way there. Like "Tramuntana", where there is also the idyllic Illetas, the mountain range in the northwest of the island is also mentioned again and again, but it is also called the landscape region.

The Puig Major, the highest mountain in Mallorca, has two reservoirs of drinking water that are wonderful to see. But you can only enter Illetas, of course due to its impeccable beauty, which has largely survived to this day. This is another reason why Illetas is a very good travel and establishment destination. Everything you need is close by.

The pine slopes of Illetas

One of the main attractions that brings visitors back. If you are lucky enough to settle inside near such Haine, you can also enjoy again and again the fine and intense aroma of pine trees, which herds in the morning to the open window of the property in Illetas.

Illetas also dominates one of the most beautiful public beaches, for which you can boast. Many residents also appreciate this very much, as it does not take long to swim in the sea in order to be able to swim wonderfully or to be able to relax very extensively after a vigorous work week.

Illetas has a beach that is located below the streets that lead to the hotels of this place. The hotels are very exclusive and perhaps for this very reason a wonderful neighborhood to the properties in Illetas.

Illetas is perfect for seeing the place as a very personal starting point for exploring the mountainous areas of the Balearic Islands Island and the southwest. Illetas enjoys a very good reputation, especially among families with young children and the elderly, and is popular for the simple reason that, unlike the strengths of (mass) Tourism, there is almost as much hustle and bustle here.

So if you want to enjoy some peace of mind here, it's absolutely not completely removed from the need until you're in monotonous areas. And this is a specialty of Illetas that doesn't exist anywhere: you can easily go to your hotel and be served and stayed there.

However, it should be noted that the closer you get to the city, prices rise relatively sharply. This, in turn, has the simple reason that richer, that is, the most betullable guests appreciate the very special location of Illeta and as to stay there, especially because of the calm mentioned


Public infrastructure in Illetas

Excursions to the surroundings, as well as to the Mallorcan city of Palma (the palm tree) are not really any difficulty in Illetas, there is a very large public transport network, so it means that visitors to the city always remain mobile, and this even without your own vehicle OR renting a car on site. There are always buses, and even with caddies you can get in brilliantly.

Bicycles are so common in the area and can be rented or purchased. Illetas also offers everything in terms of service: so you can always have broken the technology served, in exceptional cases you have to go to the capital Palma, which, as mentioned, is not far away.


What else does Illetas offer?

SES Illetas can offer its visitors a lot of the things that are retained in the places that are already "full" of mass tourism, as well as Playa de Palma, in German no longer officially called "ballerman". Relaxing, relaxing, and equally relaxed bathing fun in a beautiful and, above all, quiet location, and yet if you want something more action, the beautiful and fine way to get into the general hustle and bustle and have fun.

But the excesses are out of place here and need to be sought with the magnifying glass. Illetas' only "Club" is Vertical Club and is also discreet. It only sounds until 22:00 (then closes reliably). For adults, Illetas also offers outdoor rest grottoes and thermal SPA treatments. Also, of course, to see the surrounding attractions, which can be seen and admired around Illetas, is also a very attractive possibility.

For example, natural attractions such as the aforementioned Puig Major, the highest mountain in Mallorca with 1445 meters of altitude and is located in the Serra de Tramuntana. This is easy to climb, and you can also book an optional mountain guide. You can see that climbing enthusiasts can also settle beautifully in Illetas and chase their hobby. Also, the Puig Major can be experienced very well with the road bike. So the possibilities for the living in Illetas are also very varied.

SES Las Illetas can be highly recommended as a holiday destination or as a place of residence. Both occasions are definitely unique. At a slightly high price, you can spend your well-deserved vacation here, as well as settle here in the country, both are a very pleasant opportunity, as many already appreciate. Unlike many other places in Mallorca, the village of SES Illetas does not yet bear the seal of mass tourism.

Very few areas offer these varied possibilities even in this day and age, since most of the places have already been fully developed in tourism and unfortunately have already lost all their charming charm (through sangria, among others) Drinking tourists) that characterizes the island of Mallorca.

Illetas still has this indispensable, unique charm and loves with this even today its visitors usually somewhat more pubitated or visitors or even the inhabitants. When we return home (if this "home" is unfortunately still lying somewhere else than directly in Illetas), there is still a long time to defy about this wonderful vacation.

Or simply, you realize the dream of your own property in (SES) Illetas and let yourself be captured by the charm of this unique region, as long as you do. You, too, will not close to the style once you feel the need to become a resident or a resident.


Buy Mallorca real estate

If you want to realize your dream of owning your own home on the island of Mallorca, contact one of your runners on the island with confidence. These offer spectacular and unique villas, large and tidy plots and charming apartments (often on the so-called seafront) for sale and rent. This means for you absolute luxury, luxury, which you can also afford as a client somemore compassion, and where you get the best advice.

The Keys have been properly described. But the island of Mallorca, where the purchase of real estate is a little different than in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (or even the United States), is known for its settlement (mainly German). Many Germans settle here, a prominent example is Karl-Heinz Richard F'rst von Sayn-Wittgenstein, who built a piece of jewelry here with the Villa Colani (with the support of the architect Luigi Colani, which is now also for sale.

Individual decoration is the specialty of the prince, who does not save expenses and effort in having houses furnished to his liking. Because the cordial and individual is what matters. Also at Illetas many properties have been individually equipped, which means that you can simply take your suitcase in some of them and move in, which doesn't exactly make buying more difficult.

Because you really don't get anything easier than just taking your toothbrush with you and being able to take a seat in your new dream home. It is really cozy in Illetas, and the neighbors are guaranteed to be as much at peace as you are!

Some real estate agents specialize in also living the individuality you want in Illetas, which is also required of clients with cash. Because if they can't offer them, they are very quickly off the market and can no longer guarantee that everyone can get their desired home or home home.

With almost a million inhabitants, Mallorca is a fairly large island, which is relatively but very intimate and speaks for those looking for peace and quiet the ideal place to retire, if you start from Illetas. Illetas and its immediate surroundings are certainly a very good area where it can be solved.

Enjoy Illetas for a trip or as your new holiday home – it's up to you to get there! And this is really a noble Noblesse "deal". You will notice immediately-Illetas will captivate you and delight you



SES Illetas is called the most beautiful beach in Mallorca

What I would really talk about for a visit or a branch on the wonderful island. Consider where you want to enjoy your retirement. In Germany something time-volatile or something in the Mallorcan sun? Your real estate agents are always on hand to help you, if you also want to get inquiries, you are always welcome in one of the offices.

If you've ever spent a vacation at SES Illetas, you'll know what's being talked about here. Therefore, enjoy your dream property in SES Illetas, one of the quietest places in Mallorca. Mallorca is not only the most popular holiday destination for The Germans, it also offers something for everyone.

For the Party Tigers, for those who seek peace and quiet, but also for people who have worked hard throughout their lives and now want to retire, in mild climates, with pleasant temperatures throughout the year and a beautiful view of the sea , which is already at the door. She waits.

Surely that can only be a good decision. In Illetas and in the whole of Mallorca in general there is an excellent, (also German-influenced) infrastructure, which no one wants to miss more. Take advantage of it and sit down with the real estate agent you trust for a chat and put your personal life opportunity together in Illetas.

You'll be very excited about the many possibilities. Whether it's old, new, big or small. For your needs, your dream property in Illetas is waiting for you and wants to be discovered by you.

Your real estate agent Mallorca



Popular places in Mallorca - away from mass tourism


Beliebte Orte auf Mallorca

Popular places in Mallorca

Buying a property in Illetas, Mallorca – this is a dream that many people dream of. Understandable: Illetas is a charming resort that has been saved in much of mass tourism. Very close to Portals Nous, the place of the beautiful and the rich, is the small and exclusive complex, which in some circles is considered the privileged tip.

The beach 200 meters long and 50 meters wide, Platja d Nous lletas, is sheltered in a semicircular bay surrounded by hotels, holiday apartments and many pine trees. It is a beautiful beach of fine sand with crystal clear waters. Service facilities such as public showers and toilets are available for visitors.

In the summer months, parasols and sun loungers can be rented. In recent years, the beach clubs of the island of Mallorca have become fashionable. One of the first was the Virtual Club or the terraces (Balneario Illetas) is l is located directly on the beach of Illetas and has a character of Spanish beach bar due to the many "chiringuitos."

Mallorca Places Recommendations

Here you feel Welcome and you can turn off with a glass of wine or beer deliciously to the sounds of the living room music or enjoy the soft wave noise in the background.  Illetas Spa is a combination of beach, restaurants, VIP terrace and chill-out lounge. It also features a wellness centre and small commercial facilities. Very popular with guests is simple food, such as chicken skewers with vegetables. A real pleasure.

Even those who just want little ones (things to snack on) are in good hands here. There is a rich selection on the snack menu.

Another clue. Parking is allowed on the side of the road, but parking is really in short supply. Palma bus number 3 stops directly at the spa.

In the afternoon it is quite quiet in Illetas. Small inconvenience. In winter there is no public shop or restaurant. Purchases are available in Bendinat (unfortunately only by vehicle or on foot) and in Cala Major, accessible by bus number 3


Leisure activities in Bendinat

Bendinat Golf Course

Despite the extensive development of bay terraces, there are still many green oasis, equipped with seats, which invite you to stop Bendinat is a place of the great municipality of Calvia and is located in the west of the island of Mallorca. It is bordered to the east by the capital Palma, which can be reached in about 15 minutes by car.

In addition to Bendinat, a number of other places and developments belong to the municipality of Calvia which, each in its own right, has peculiarities that characterize it: CAS Catala, Portals Nous, Magaluf, Palmanova, Santa Ponca and la Peguera, especially popular among the Germans, to name a few.



Holidays Mallorca where it is most beautiful

Throughout the calvia region there are extensive forest areas, numerous designated hiking trails, such as the Roman (Peguera) and Santa Ponca, offering visitors a relaxed leisure service throughout the year, because the sun shines here 300 days a year. And against the north winds, the area is sheared by Tramuntana beer.

There are several species of native plants to admire on the rocky shores, such as the carrasco pine.

There is also a wide range of activities for mountain bikers, tennis, horse riding and golf fans. About a quarter of the golf courses and about 12% of Mallorca's marinas are located in the municipality of Calvia. One of the most famous is real Golf Bendinat.

Here is the honorary former member of King Juan Carlos. This "royal golf course west of Palma, about 15 minutes by car, is one of the classics of Mallorca. WARNING: you have to be well on foot, because it is on rough terrain. And it requires a lot of aptitude, especially on the 10th hole, it is important to overcome altitude meters.

Quiet places in Mallorca by the sea

However, one is rewarded with a spectacular view of the sea. Painting, the Plaza is idyllic with many palm trees and a lush world of plantation. In any case, the clubhouse is recommended. There you can end the day comfortably on the typical Spanish terrace.

Calvia also offers many interesting underwater landscapes. The West Coast Divers Mallorca diving school is recommended. The many interesting and unforgettable attractions offer. For beginners and those who want to dive without much effort, the house reef is a real and convenient need to arrive by jumping from the mooring wall.

Hiking - hiking in Calvia

In the Cordillera de la Serra de na burguesa you will find the most popular hiking trails, characterized by different degrees of difficulty. It is located in the southernmost part of the Serra de Tramuntana between life (Palma) and Falconer (Calvia) and is an average of 400 meters high. It is worth a trip to the covered mountain range with extensive pine forests on the natural terrace "Mirador de n'lzamora. It was already a strategically important point in the past, revealing the view over the coast of Calvia the mountains to the north and east, as well as the port complex of Palma. Today, the famous neo-Gothic castle of Castell de Bendinat stands on this site.

The plateau is now a well-visited destination there is an entrance road over the suburb of Palma Genoa. The non-serpentine path leads directly to the Spunk of the viewpoint

Tourism development and local calvia 21 agenda - impact

With the advent of tourism in the early 1960s, the region originally dominated by agriculture, took back seat and Calvia and its places became one of the main tourist areas developed in Mallorca. The community grew steadily, thanks also to European investment. This was followed by a real construction boom of boundless proportions.

The municipality of Calvia has set itself the task of rexifying and loosening this abundance of the landscape with concrete castles in the tourist areas with local agenda 21. In addition, the compilation of a new land-use plan has put an end to the introduction of land use. This includes the withdrawal of 1,660 hectares of buildable area from the land use plan

As a result, only limited residential development on the seafront will be possible in the future.  The objective of the renovation plans is to renew the urban landscape in the resorts of the municipality of Calvia. When blowing or demolishing, tourist facilities are gradually purchased and removed on the seafront, which significantly disturbs the overall panorama of the coast or the beach.

The great success of mass tourism to more sustainable tourism has already been rewarded with international awards. New green areas and public squares are emerging. Calvia anticipates a development that can be transferred to other Mediterranean countries.


Living on the seafront

Houses, villas and apartments on the seafront in Mallorca real estate Illetas are particularly popular among almost all real estate buyers. They are sought by their unobstructed view away across the sea, enjoy privacy and often have direct access to the sea. These Illetas properties are priced higher than a second or even third line, but guarantee value stability due to continued long-term demand.

Drinking coffee at Daniela Katzenberger or eating lunch at Jargen Drews?

You can do it in the popular town of Santa Ponca. Santa Ponca gathers around a long bay surrounded by rocks with a small sandy beach. A few meters from the center is the trendy marina and along the villa districts of rich foreigners, especially many Germans and Englishmen.

Many of them live permanently on the island, whose children go to school in Magaluf at the International College of the Balearic Islands. There is also a German real estate cultural center in Santa Ponca.

Three golf courses have been built in the surrounding area and the new modern port of Port Adrino, which is located on the border with the Torro.

Magaluf favoured by British tourists

Magaluf is a place located at the western end of the bay of Palma. It is often a destination for visitors to Britain. As a result, there are numerous pubs and fish and chip stalls.  Here, the life of your life and party can be enjoyed to the fullest. BCM Palace is the largest nightclub on the island. With a length of 1600 meters, the fine sandy beach is one of the longest in the Calvia region. In Magaluf Bay you will find the naturally protected island "island of sa Porrassa"


Peguera the place mainly for German tourists

The small fishing village of Peguera is predominantly characterized by large hotels, apartment buildings and dining options. Most tourists come from Germany and there are numerous entertainment programs designed specifically for Germans. Extensive measures and various changes in the centre of the village had a positive impact on tourism.

Therefore, the construction of a bypass ensured that at night the tourist can enjoy the promenade with all shops and restaurants, practically without disturbing the traffic of cars, as in a pedestrian area. Missing is also the moment when entertainment companies (discos) with unsightly side effects dominated the street landscape.

Beautiful Resorts in Mallorca

With the Platja Palmira, Platja de Tora and the Platja de la Romana, the village has a total of three beaches. The beaches fall flat on the water and are therefore particularly suitable for younger children. The three beaches are monitored by lifeguards during the day during the high season, as are almost all the beaches of Mallorca. The beaches are connected by a promenade.

The place is located about 24 km from Palma, however, it is easily accessible via the MA-1 motorway. There is also a bus service to Palma every day until the evening hours.

To the west of Peguera is the Cala Fornells district, with its varied and typical Pedro Otzoup architecture.

The complex is located in the northwestern part of the bay of Santa Ponca (Ensenada de Santa Ponca), in front of the island of Malgrat (illa del Malgrat).

The Russian architect created the real estate apartment complex Illetas village Cala Fornells in Cala Fornells in a construction reminiscent of the Mexican villages.

The individual houses of this complex are uniforms in color, material and style, but built differently in size, division and many small details such as fireplaces, window openings or balcony parapcills, so that the complex does not address the typical monotonous The general impression of a holiday settlement leaves behind.


Resort Tips in Mallorca

Therefore, no housing unit is the same as the other. Everything is nested between each other and nestled between pine trees and manicured front gardens, connected to the hillside by alleys and small, narrow stairs. Throughout the village there are – from the edges – there are no high-level hotel complexes typical of the Mallorcan coast elsewhere. The facility has a central administration and is – of the eponymous way – protected by fences and closed doors and not open to the public.

Cala Fornells is located just above Peguera and does not have a real beach, as the coast is quite steep and rocky. In some places the small stairs were hit on the slope in the sea, other small stairs of the places were placed for the slope in the water. The nearby Peguera Beach is about a 15-minute walk from the stairs or 20 minutes along the road. There are several restaurants and a mini market in the Cala Fornells area. Like Peguera, Cala Fornells is mainly preferred by German tourists. This is where a wonderful real estate company from Illetas is created.

Cas Catala, the quiet suburb of Palma

Cas Catala is a small town between Illetas and San Agustín and is also part of the municipality of Calviá.  The place is quiet and interspersed with many green oasis. Mainly locals and tourists are at home in Cas Catala and enjoy a pleasant life in the cozy and quiet chalets or residential complexes. The small beach of Cas Catala is just a little frequented, as many visitors don't even know there's a beach. The entrances to the sandy beach, which is about 35 meters long and ten meters wide, are very hidden. It is located in the middle of a pine forest, already in the territory of Illetas with white sand and partially rocky terrain. A dream setting that is second to none.

However, the vast majority of visitors travel to the beach in neighboring and much better-known Illetas.

To get to Cas Catala beach from here, you have to walk to the old military installation "it's Forti". Here is a parking lot and the steps that lead directly to the water. There are even showers and a small bar. "Es Forti" is a sandy beach, 180 meters long and 25 meters wide with very white sand and has not been used as a military base for several centuries.


Secret corners of Mallorca

A first-class suggestion. If you want to sunbathe in peace and are happy to go on a discovery ride, it is best to stay at Cas Catala itself. Hidden bays reward the explorer with a lot of privacy and individuality.

Cas Catala gained fame in the early 1920s. A "Foreign Colony" was created with famous names. In the early years, the first hotels were built, which was the true vanguard of later tourism. One of the most famous celebrities of the time was the very handsome and charming Errol Flynn.

Due to its proximity to the capital Palma, Illetas and Cas Catala have attracted many new inhabitants. Just 5 kilometers away is the capital of Palma and easily accessible by road or even by bus line. This proximity to the capital already makes it easy to reach, in addition to culture and leisure activities, as the airport is only 20 km away, or 25 minutes by car.

From Cas Catala, it is almost mandatory to take a day or more day trips to the capital. From sightseeing tours to museums and shops, everything is offered in which the tourist can stand on a beautiful day. Evening entertainment is also available. You can choose between an opera, several theatres and, of course, countless nightclubs, nightclubs and bars. Those lucky enough to catch one of the atmospheric night flea markets in the summer. But even without a market, an evening stroll through the historic old town is a special experience.

If you are travelling with children, Magaluf's western water park is also a must. It is a popular family attraction and specializes in water slides, but also offers a variety of pools. Those who are exhausted can relax on a lawn or visit one of the restaurants.

West of Cas Catala, the famous cala mayor beach attracts with very light and fine sand. A special feature of the quality of this beach is that locals also like to use it. Thanks to the gentle slope of the beach, rental of pedal boats, parasols, sun loungers and public toilets, the beach is also suitable for families with children. Also the east and more lively Illetas is always worth a visit. Especially the beaches there is a must for sun worshippers.

If you are looking for the action, you can borrow a patio and explore the Hinterland and the mountains at the back of Cas Catala. Balloon rides are also possible from different starting points around Palma and are certainly remembered, especially due to the scenic diversity of Mallorca.

If you don't have enough water after trying different beaches, you can try every water sport imaginable on the big and popular beaches near Palma. Diving enthusiasts should definitely take a snorkel to Cas Catala. The quiet and pristine beaches on site offer a colorful underwater world that you can discover without much equipment.


Delicious food and more

The Marciel restaurant, which is part of the hotel of the same name, offers a beautiful view of the sea from the solarium and thanks to the nearby marina that passes the boats enrich the scene. The dishes served are very generously covered and are a culinary delight. Inside the restaurant there is a bar and if you take one of the extremely rare days with not exclusively sunny weather, you will benefit from the elegant interior decoration of the restaurant.

The Luis restaurant, right next to the marina with authentic Mediterranean cuisine and proper décor, also offers a pleasant destination for hungry tourists. On warm nights, it's a good idea to sit outside.

The bugambilia coffee is a little more rustic, but particularly cozy and with a beautiful panorama. A visit should not be done without swimsuits and beach towel in your luggage, because it is difficult to resist the particularly beautiful and quiet beach. As the beach falls very flat, the water heats up particularly quickly and invites you to swim even in the relatively colder months. There are also sun loungers, a public toilet and an elevator.



There are many beautiful places to explore in Mallorca..



Hermoso lugar Portals Nous
Portals Nous

Portals Nous

A small village in the southwest on the right by the sea on the holiday island of Mallorca between Illetas and Palma Nova. With its famous cafes, restaurants and well-known hotels far beyond its borders. An attraction for the rich, beautiful, but also insider information for tourists, hikers and hungry water.

"With a little luck, you gather well-known people who retire here to recover from their hustle and bustle in everyday life.