Alaró, a small village in the Tramuntana mountains

Alaró, this small mountain village has a large international community and is particularly popular with commuters who work in the nearby island capital. Alaró, a small municipality in the Tramuntana mountains, has something for every property seeker. Whether a natural stone finca or a new semi-detached house with spectacular views.

It is located in a quiet valley on the southern slope of the Tramuntana mountains. It is characterized by its old architecture and narrow cobbled streets, which exude a traditional charm.

The village of Alaró has its origins in an Arab village called Oloran, where the shoemaking trade played a major role. Today, it is still home to the workshop of Tony Mora, who has become famous for his cowboy boots.

Strolling through the narrow streets and enjoying a meal in a small restaurant in the village square, Alaró reveals its true beauty.

The "Castello d`Alaró" is a very popular excursion destination, which can be reached on foot past the famous lamb restaurant Es Verger. A must for every visitor to the island. The restaurant is known for its traditional methods of preparing food. The spectacular view from up there is unique.

Alaró is a multicultural place with lots of atmosphere and an interesting community. The Saturday meeting point is the weekly market with many local products, crafts and textiles.

Alaró, a small village in the Tramuntana.

Alarò a small municipality in the Tramuntana.