Favorite regions for living on the sunny island of Mallorca

Secure your place in the sun on Mallorca today.

Real estate in Mallorca up to 200,000 euros
The island of Mallorca is not getting any bigger. It really is true, even though it sounds so profane. Have you read it yet? Houses and apartments on Mallorca's sunny coast are becoming increasingly scarce and therefore inevitably more expensive. More and more people are realizing how relaxing, healthy and luxurious it is to live on Mallorca. Not only the wonderful weather, but also the investment form of a property is ideal.

Is it worth buying an apartment in Mallorca
Rising energy costs and uncertain economic conditions in their own country are prompting many Europeans to relocate to the south, especially Mallorca, either permanently or for a few months at a time. This is confirmed by numerous European studies. And solid returns also make the whole thing economically interesting.
Buying a Mallorca house with a license
Do you want to buy a property with a landlord's license in Mallorca in addition to your own property in Germany? Lean back and relax, an all-round service will take care of the work and earn you returns of up to 10 % a year.

Compared to money in a fixed-term deposit account or other investment models, the returns are many times higher.