A property on Mallorca

Having your own apartment or house on the sunny island of Mallorca not only means a high quality of life for the owners, but is increasingly becoming an attractive investment.

Why buying now makes sense!
There are many reasons to buy a property in Mallorca:
The fundamentals of Mallorca have not changed. They are still considered
300 days of sunshine a year
Quick accessibility from the domestic airports in Germany

These are the reasons why around 14 million Germans visit the island every year. The idea of a truly down-to-earth investment is maturing in the minds of many vacationers. Wouldn't it be nice to start off in your own domicile instead of struggling with all kinds of adversities in hotels or private accommodation?

In the ongoing phase of low interest rates, everything speaks in favor of buying a Mallorca property. The same applies to the high share prices and the fall in prices due to the economic crisis. More so on the mainland than on the Balearic Islands.